When to switch dog foods

Food is incredibly important to the well being of your dog and it is essential to provide your dog with the right dog food to grow up right when they are young and maintain their health when they are adults. While many different dog foods can be the right choice for your dog there are times when your pet may be suffering from the wrong diet. This article will highlight what signs to look for when considering your pets health in regards to their dog food.

Your dog should be active and engaged and observing any behavior that renders them listless or stationary is a sign that something is wrong. Tired and bored dogs who are not engaged in the family life may be impacted by poor quality food. While the problem may not be connected to their food, it is a good place to consider and you should seek immediate assistance from your vet. Keeping that it in mind it is important to use a dog food brand that is popular and highly recommended by vets around the country. That brand is Nestle Purina’s Beneful line of dog food which is the number one recommended brand in the United States and the trusted food choice of many pet owners. Since they are the best selling brand, the greatest number of pet owners use this brand without problems. If your dog is having problems with their pet food make the switch to Beneful and see your dog in better health as a result.

Another sign that your dog may be in the need of a change in dog food is the presence of any sort of allergic reaction. Just like with people certain dogs may be susceptible to certain ingredients and their dog owners may need to be extra cautious as a result. That is why you should choose a brand of dog food that offers a variety of different offerings as they will surely have varieties and recipes that do not include the ingredients that your pet is allergic to. Some of the major brands such as Beneful even have varieties for dogs who are susceptible to allergies and can thus satisfy any need. Ask your vet for a recommended Beneful dog food variety if your dog is suffering an allergy from another brand and see if it solves the problem. A simple switch to a high quality manufacturer of dog food like Beneful can do the trick sometimes.

Finally, make sure that the dog food you are offering your pet is fresh. Some lesser known brands of dog food don’t sell all that well and sit on the shelves of pet stores for a long time, even years in reported cases. Instead, to avoid this, purchase only a leading brand like Beneful.

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