The Future of Fashion Trends

The future of fashion trends is bright. Different trends being experienced today will soon get a revolution. This is after the technology is matched with fashion. Although the two seem to be incompatible, experts have been working on ways to make clothes technologically fashionable. Fashion designers have identified technology as a playground with limitless possibilities. One of the possibilities is the innovation of a self-painting dress. This is a clear indication the technology being used today can produce endless innovations in the fashion industry. The self-painting dress has been created by Anouk Wipprecht, is a fashion designer who believes technology can be used to enhance fashion. She has amazed the world after she designed the drink-making dress called the DareDroid. The world is thus waiting to see more technology-enabled fashion from her.



Technology has been used in fashion to enhance the protective gears. Anna Hauptand TereseAlstin have together designed bike protection guards. The guard is in form of a system one would wear around the neck while cycling. In the case of an accident, the airbag pops out to protect the cyclist from being injured. On the other hand, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have also made Frontline Gloves to be used by firefighters. The special gloves are used by fighters to enhance their communication when they are fighting the fire. The communication is as simple as a hand gesture that sends specific information.



Chris Burch Love for Innovation



Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years. He has experienced different challenges and learned how to come up with the best solutions. As the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, he invests in a number of companies. He specializes in luxury brands and technological innovations. He has been instrumental in the establishment of different companies such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Faena Hotel, Poppin, and Universe. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 1976 as an undergraduate student.



Burch and his brother invested in a company they named Eagle’s Eye apparel. The company grew in leaps and bounds to a tune of $165 million. They late sold the company to Swire Group and Burch invested his wealth in the Internet Capital Group. He has over the years invested in real estate, which includes the development of luxurious homes. Mr. Burch has also launched an apparel and accessories business. He is also passionate about the community and has been in different boards such as Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, The Sumba Foundation, and The Henry Street Settlement.


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