Social Security Advice from Financial Adviser David Giertz

Most people don’t understand the Social Security program as well as they believe, says David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financials’s Distribution division. He oversees the distribution and sales of the company’s financial products. That includes mutual funds, specialty products, annuities, life insurance and retirement plans. His company is more successful when the independent registered advisers selling its products are more successful, yet too many of them are dropping the Social Security ball. They’re failing to even mention the subject to their clients, according to a survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute.

And that costs the advisers money, because four out of five of the survey respondents said not helping them with Social Security would cause them to switch advisers.

And people do need help with their Social Security as well as their investment planning, because it is complicated, as Giertz points out. The Social Security Handbook contains 2700 rules. And that’s part of the problem. Too many financial advisers do not understand those rules either, so they just punt, hoping their clients won’t notice.

But then the clients pay in the form of receiving reduced monthly benefits for the remainder of their lives. That can amount to $300,000 over the course of 25 years, David Giertz says. That’s $1,000 a month. Most of that is lose when people file for retirement benefits at age 62 until waiting until they attain their full retirement age. And if they’re able to keep working, they can increase their benefits by 8% per year by continuing to live on their work from full retirement age until age 70.

Giertz got his BS degree at Millikin University and his MBA from the University of Miami. He started out at Financial Horizons Security and at Citibank as a Financial Services Adviser. He is accredited as a broker through passing the State Securities Law Exam, the General Industry & Products Exam and the Principal/Supervisory Exam. He started with Nationwide Financial in 1999.

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