Peter Briger Continues In His Critical Role At Fortress Investment Group Now That The Company Has Joined The SoftBank Family

In the history of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is undeniably one of the most influential individuals. He currently serves as the alternative asset management firm’s Co-Chairman of the Board as well as holding the title of Principal. Since the 2002 calendar year, Peter Briger has served as a part of Fortress Investment Group’s management group and he is currently the individual responsible for the firm’s real estate business as well as its credit business. His path leading up to joining Fortress was an impressive one that saw him spent a decade and a half with Goldman, Sachs and Co. His tenure there led to him eventually becoming a partner by 1996. The tremendous experience and knowledge that he gained during this time have been critical to the success that he has enjoyed with Fortress.

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Peter Briger sits at the top of an executive leadership structure within a firm that has had a tremendously busy and successful campaign over the past year. That campaign of success included the $3.3 billion acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the powerful Japanese company SoftBank. SoftBank is a company that has its hands in a number of areas of the business sector and the company saw great value in being able to further diversify by adding Fortress Investment Group. A part of the deal involved with this acquisition as seen the leadership team at Fortress remains in place so that they can continue to do what it is that they do best.

One of the reasons that SoftBank was so interested in acquiring Fortress Investment Group was due to the fact that Fortress is heavily involved in the real estate industry. Peter Briger has provided key leadership in this area of the company’s business and SoftBank saw a major opportunity to enter into this area by leveraging the strong business that Fortress already has in this realm. SoftBank has a strong history of supporting startups in the tech sector and this fact makes the firm a great match for the kind of work that is done at Fortress. Peter Briger and the entire team at Fortress look forward to the dawn of a new era of success with the company joining the SoftBank family.

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