One Life to Live the Morasco Way

One life to live was my favorite show till it ended two years ago. It’s a show that centers on the town of Llanview.It revolves around the life of a wealthy family and its relationship with other families. It explores the relationship, love, hatred, manipulation and drama in this town. It lasted more than 40 years.The show was the 1st to break several grounds. It was the 1st to feature interracial dating, 1st interclass integration on TV, 1st to show drug addiction and 1st to explore psychiatric issues.

The show lasted 45 seasons and had over 11,000 episodes. A total of 13 executive producers served on the show. The set was in Stamford Connecticut and New York. The show has received numerous awards. Its actors have also dominated Emmy awards for years. It has won more than 50 awards during its lifetime. Erika Slezak has won 6 Emmy awards from the show. In 1993, it won an award for its portrayal of homosexuality. This pioneers spirit is what attracted me to the show.

There was a character called Stacy Morasco played by Crystal Hunt on the show. She played the role for three seasons. She was a Vegas stripper returning from Vegas with her sister. In Llanview, she falls for her high schools crush Rex Balsom. The only problem is Rex Balsom is now engaged to Gigi. She tricks Rex into sleeping with her and falls pregnant. Her plan to trap him with a child backfires when she has miscarriage. It greatly disheartens her, but she is determined to go ahead with her plan. She sleeps with Oliver Fish and tries to pass the new pregnancy as Rex. She later gives birth to a baby girl who Gigi claims. Her character ends after she falls into a lake. In the show; she has flings with three men. She doesn’t fear to express herself. I fell in love with her character portrayal due to the intensity in which she acted.

Crystal was born 30 years ago in Clearwater Florida. She started acting in Pageants at the age of 2.She first burst into the limelight as Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime series Guiding Light. Her role here would earn her an Emmy nomination and would last four years, and that earned her a pretty huge Instagram following too. She also appeared in the Film the Derby Stallion. She later starred in the film Sydney White. In 2009; she played Stacy Morasco in my favorite show. In 2013, she starred in the movie NYC underground. It’s a story about four drug slinging teenagers. In 2014, she appeared on the film 23 blasts. She is set to appear on queens of drama and has also produced her 1st show tilted Talbot County.

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