NuoDB Cloud Technology

In today’s world of cloud technology, NuoDB is a name that should be seriously considered. The features of NuoDB cloud technology include advantages such as an SQL database, ACID-compliant, a memory-centric, is easy to scale in and out, can be finely tuned to meet customer requirements, is on commodity hardward, and has disaster recovery with automated fallover. NuoDB provides container based environments as well as cloud that can use the past, meet the needs of the present and is ready to travel into the future of an elastic SQL database that is well advanced in today’s need for technology.

NuoDB cloud database is a valuable choice of a database since it does lessen the time it takes to market, has the ability to lower costs because of its high scale, availability and disaster recovery that are built as part of the product. It can also differentiate your application by using faster features by applying easier application logic

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