Kevin Plank On Solidifying His Position In The Industry

From the very beginning, it has been the goal of Kevin Plank to create a work environment that is accepting of people from all backgrounds. Having grown up in a diverse neighborhood, he recognizes the value in having multiple cultures represented in any gathering of people, and he has fought for peoples’ rights to culturally express themselves all throughout his career. Because he is so vocal on the issue, he has been recognized as one of the most moralistic individuals in the field of business, and his values for companies are shown to be more and more expansive by the day. He simply cannot turn down the opportunity to improve upon his character, and perhaps this is the reason he has been able to so elegantly amass a following of people who are loyal to his brand.

He believes that creating consumer loyalty is a must if you want to survive in the clothing industry. Especially when a majority of your customers are athletes, there is a lot of brand loyalty that goes into play when someone figures out which company they want to invest their money into. If a company does not show that they are capable of creating the best possible product, athletes are not going to want to spend their money on the company, and furthermore, athletes team leaders are not going to want to represent the brand. This is simply a facet of the field Kevin Plank chose to involve himself with, so he was not surprised to see the near-cliquey nature of the industry.

Despite this, Kevin Plank has been able to succeed greatly throughout the course of his company’s lifetime, having several famous and significant people represent his brand. Because he figured out a way to create clothes which are inherently better for an athlete’s personal use, his brand has cemented a permanent position within the field of business, and this is exactly what Kevin Plank planned from the start. He knows that the field of sports clothing is not exactly a stable one, and this is why he has done everything within his power to make sure that his position within the industry never falters.

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