Harry Potter Fan Theories to Blow Your Mind!


Are there any fans more committed than those of the ‘Harry Potter’ realm? Harry Potter became a worldwide phenomenon as a boko before becoming one of the top selling film franchises of all time. Fans who loved ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ quickly fell in love with Harry Potter, proving that there was some serious appeal in the young adult genre. With the books and film so popular we have seen more people than ever digging through the films to discover amazing and secret fan theories. Let’s look at a few of the wildest fan theories that we found!


  1. Harry Potter’s Horcrux Causes the Dursley Hate!

It’s hard to ignore the opening to Harry Potter because it is such a compelling look at a young boy doing the best that he can in the face of abuse. While the Dursley’s are always meant to be slightly comical, they are still filled with hate from top to bottom. It’s spelled out in the films that a horcrux can change the behavior of those around it and we also know that harry himself is a horcrux. One Harry Potter theory asks, is it possible that the Dursley’s would have been otherwise decent individuals were it not for their exposure to Harry Potter? It’s interesting to think about, isn’t it? Could Harry have ruined their lives?


  1. Hermione’s Cat is a Kneazle

With ‘Fantastic Beasts’ bringing back interest in all of the magical creatures of Harry Potter, we felt this theory was interesting. Fans theorized that Hermione’s pet cat was half Kneazle, a special breed of magical feline. This theory was actually CONFIRMED by J.K. Rowling herself. Impressive, right?  Either way, whether you believe any of these or not, these are still one of the best movie theme songs.

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