Gano Excel And Organo Gold Are Shining Examples Of The Entrepreneurial Capabilities Of Bernardo Chua

Why is Bernardo Chua such a recognizable name within the spheres of food supplements, coffee and direct sales? Part of this lies in his genius use of an herb he gained familiarity with during his formative Philippines years, Ganoderma. This comes out of a valuable polymore mushroom, and it is what provides the often praised medical benefits that Chua’s final customers can receive from drinking the coffees that he sells through his line, Organo Gold. Since 2008, Chua has been continuously building this coffee direct sales platform, and his dedication certainly is not only to his final revenue sums either.

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After finding strong coffee success with that Organo Gold operation, Bernardo Chua figured out how to push that brand’s results towards both community and philanthropy through a connected non-profit foundation called OG Cares. The other company that received its inception due to Mr. Chua is Gano Excel; this was founded a bit before Organo Gold was, and it is likely Bernardo used this entrepreneurial experience in order to do even better with his next creation, Organo Gold. Prior to either of these, Mr. Chua was residing in the Philippines, where he also happens to have been born, and both direct sales and empathy for customers were important lessons for Bernardo there.

Since bringing himself to Canada, Bernardo Chua has consistently push both his companies and his direct sales career further and further. This has been noticed enough to earn him some interesting industry accolades. One such accolade was the group National Shoppers Choice noting Organo Gold as being among the top fod supplement suppliers, and that only added the the company’s 35 country consumer base and Direct Sales Company of the Year bragging rights. Chua appears to have found a winning operation model combining medical benefits with coffee enthusiasm.

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