Eric Pulier Is Now Joining Forces With Disruptive Technology

Eric Pulier is a familiar name to many businessmen in the IT industry. He’s one of the leading pioneers of service-oriented architecture (SOA), a complex term but one that basically involves the functions of a large business and how information technology plays a role in that function. But Pulier is now primarily focused on venture capital investing and seeding for startup mobile app companies, in particular his new vAtomic Ventures seed which seeks to turn gaming elements into business-related apps. Pulier said he had gotten the idea for this company by seeing how apps like Uber were changing the current workforce.


Pulier was only in elementary school when he took an interest in computers including programming. He started a database system and advanced IT infrastructure while still in high school. His college education included attending Harvard where he contributed to the Harvard Crimson while pursuing his passion for writing and studying American and English literature. He also attended MIT to pursue their advanced computer science program. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

Eric Pulier began his business career by joining People Doing Things in 1991, and in 1994 he formed a business marketing and interactive media company known as Digital Evolution whose clients included some major auto manufacturers and IT clients. In 1997 he was chosen by then President Bill Clinton’s inaugural committee to be the head of the Presidential Technology Exhibition in celebration of Clinton’s reelection, and Pulier had displays setup here featuring future electronic technology. In 1998 Pulier and US Interactive, the company that had bought out Digital Evolution teamed up with other engineers to host an online social media and virtual reality program at children’s hospitals across Los Angeles and the rest of the US known as Starbright World.


Pulier became part of the cloud technology movement later when he started virtual desktop software and then founded a large cloud enterprise platform known as ServiceMesh. This was soon bought out by the Computer Sciences Corporation. He also joined TM Forum and started the Enterprise Leadership Council there. Pulier also is with the Board of Innovation at XPrize and the Painted Turtle camp.


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