Consider Old and New Apartment Buildings in NJ

Apartment renters have a number of different choices to make when moving into a new apartment. One of the choices is whether to move into an older building or into a newer one. In New Jersey, there are a large variety of both older buildings and modern ones for renters to consider. For those looking to move into a new place, it is a good idea to learn about the major differences between old and new buildings.

Prewar Buildings

Many older buildings, built before World War II, were built as quickly and inexpensively as possible to provide low-cost housing for the large numbers of immigrants who came into the New York / New Jersey area in the early 1900s. While these buildings may have a lot of architectural charm, they also generally have high maintenance costs. Crumbling mortar, failing roofs and aging electrical wiring are all common causes of building assessments that renters must pay. Sound transmission in older buildings is also often a problem as there is typically little insulation between building units.

Postwar Buildings

Buildings that were constructed after World War II were typically built to higher standards than those built before the war. These newer buildings were also originally designed to provide phone and electric service. Postwar buildings typically do a better job of providing insulation than older buildings, but many are still drafty compared to modern standards. Today, however, many postwar apartment buildings appear dated and do not have the charming architectural looks of the older buildings. Many of these buildings have a ‘blocky’ feel and are not particularly attractive to renters.

Modern Buildings

Modern buildings offer renters the ability to live in a building that was built with modern life in mind. New buildings typically offer heating and cooling controls for the individual unit, instead of a centralized thermostat setting. New buildings also provide high quality heat and sound insulation. Modern apartments are built to specifically restrict the noises of modern life. From traffic noise to the neighbor’s stereo, most modern buildings provide renters with sound seclusion that allows them to relax in silence in their own apartment. Many newer buildings are even built to provide a charming appearance with modern functionality. One modern building that offers this combination is The Aspire, the best New Brunswick luxury apartments around. The Aspire’s block, brick and glass exterior gives the building the appearance of a prewar building, while providing all of the conveniences of newly constructed building.

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