ClassDojo Is Connecting Parents To The Classroom

With things looking up in the world of EdTech, entrepreneurs and investors in the industry are optimistic about their future. But, pending federal education cuts expected to take place this year have some EdTech lovers on edge. How does one remain successful when facing financial cuts in an already tightly budgeted arena?

ClassDojo, one of the worlds most successful EdTech startups, says the answer lies in the voices of their teachers, parents, and students. Sam Chaudhary, the organization’s co-founder has been deeply engaged in the feedback of the apps users since its launch. Their feedback not only helps improve current services offered through the app, they also provide insight into the needs of educators. Communication between parents and teachers is essential to the success of each student. Traditionally, this communication is limited to parent-teacher conferences, which generally happen twice during the school year. Think of how many new things we learn and experience each day. Now imagine trying to explain those experiences in less than one hour, to someone you hardly know. Tough, huh?

ClassDojo is on a mission to bridge the gap between parents and the classroom and break the barriers of communication in hopes of bettering the educational experiences of today’s early learner. Since their 2011 launch, they have been committed to helping students, parents, and teachers build positive relationships through their safe, free, and innovative app. Through messages, pictures, and short videos, students, and teachers can share daily reports, achievements, and activities. Parents can track their child’s progress, praise them for their accomplishments, and communicate with their child’s teacher with just a few clicks.

The convenience provided by technology is immeasurable. Parental involvement is one of the most important parts of a child’s success. In today’s busy world, being present is not always an option. Working families often lack the time and flexibility that allows them to fully engage in their child’s school day. With ClassDojo, parents can now hold their child’s classroom in the palm of their hands.

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