The Crow Reboot Casts Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough Set to Play in The Crow Reboot

It also has been through a series of changes as far as cast and crew are concerned.

It is notable in the Hollywood world for having a dark style towards it, which sadly was a reflection of what happened off screen as well.

But now it seems as though there will be some big changes to this new reboot, including what the main characters will be like, because actress Andrea Riseborough has begun negotiations with the studios to play the villain Top Dollar in the reboot. In the original Crow movie Top Dollar was a normal drug lord but Proyas’ version upgraded the character into being a complete crime lord who was on top of the business. The story revolving around “The Crow” features the characters of a musician named Eric Draven and Shelly, his girlfriend, who are killed in gang violence but are later brought back from the dead to get revenge on their assailants.

On the Teses website Gianfrancesco Genoso mentions that Riseborough, meanwhile, has seen her fair share of successes recently, by being featured in “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and starring in the Oscar-winning picture “Birdman,” alongside Michael Keaton.