Growth In The Premium Dog Food Industry


Analysts and experts are still skeptical about the premium dog food industry. The Daily Herald covered some interesting changes in the industry in a recent article. The analysts say that it will be difficult for companies to create a profitable product when the raw materials, or ingredients, are so expensive. As proof of this, they used a newer premium pet food producer, Freshpet, as an example. Over the course of 2015, Freshpet lost 50 percent of its value and over half of the remaining value is held by people who are actually betting against it. However, the brand’s CEO explains that 2016 will be the year that Freshpet turns a profit. The CEO says that consumers want this and that there is no one else filling the need.

And Freshpet is not alone. There are many companies that are well known and moving toward more nutritious dog food options. Some of the larger companies are bringing out food specifically for dogs that are aging or dogs that are over weight. There are also dog foods with game meat in it. There are some that are grain free or certified organic. The variety of nutritious dog food is growing. Many newer companies are coming onto the scene and some are succeeding while others are being bought out by large companies.

Beneful is one brand that has been a strong supporter of nutritious options for dogs for over a decade. Beneful prides itself on the quality of food that it provides to its consumers. The food is pack with the freshest ingredients because Beneful mandates that all suppliers follow stringent guidelines from the preparation and planting phase to the harvesting and delivering phase. Beneful also tracks each ingredient so that it can keep all of the food as fresh and safe as possible. The company is also known for ensuring the food safety by having more than 30 thousand quality checks in a single 24 hour period. They have also received certifications from both the US Food and Drug Administration and the USDA.