Billy McFarland Sees Future Expansion Possibilities

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is a young entrepreneur who has started and built the growing credit card program called Magnises. McFarland started the company while he was still finishing his education.

During his senior year in college he was able to attract the interest of both users of the credit card and investors in the program. While the credit card program started small, it has continued to grow and now has over 10,000 members.

Magnises is a much different credit card than the traditional credit card programs. While the traditional credit card programs attracted users by providing lucrative cashback and travel rewards, Magnises has focused on providing a different set of benefits.

The new credit card program has instead focused on providing its users with both social and professional opportunities, which can be used to expand their personal and professional networks.

Members of the credit card program are able to gain access to dozens of different parties and events that the company posts every year. Today, these parties are largely located in New York City and Washington DC, but will soon be expanding into other metro areas across the country.

These parties and events include both social gathering as well as professional networking seminars, which have the proven ability to it hits someone’s career.

Beyond going to the arranged parties and events, users can also take advantage of the free concierge service. This service can be used to help someone in access to tickets for the top sporting events, concerts, or other five performances in these cities.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the online networking tools, which can be used to contact other numbers of the credit card program. Most members agree that all of these benefits and advantages far outweigh the $450 annual membership fee.