Sergio Cortes: The Top Michael Jackson Impersonator in the World

Born in 1971, Sergio Cortes grew up listening to all of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits. He was there to watch the songs take over the airwaves in all sorts of ways; they played constantly on the radio, the dance moves and performances were everywhere on TV, and Michael Jackson was changing music culture the whole world over. Cortes ate up every bit of it, unable to get enough, and his love of MJ’s music really shaped the rest of his life. While Jackson had a lot of fans, few were bigger than Cortes, and he is now considered the top Michael Jackson impersonator in the world.

This is really a testament to how influential Jackson was, as Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain, thousands of miles away from where Michael Jackson first exploded onto the scene. Now, Cortes performs all over the place. He still is based out of his home town, but he’s also toured extensively in Brazil. One of the biggest shows that he ever put on – the one that really brought him to fame for his work – was in Madrid. That show was back in 2012, and the recognition that he’s gotten since it has been off the charts.

There are three sides to being a Michael Jackson impersonator, and Cortes has nailed all of them. The first side is physical. He looks so much like Jackson, with the slender build, the long black hair and the pale complexion, that it would be almost impossible to know who was who if they were standing next to one another.

The other side is the vocal work. While Cortes certainly plays up his appearance, he’s also fortunate to look similar to Jackson to begin with. The vocal work is another story, as it takes a ton of dedication to not just learn how to sing well, but to learn how to sing like one of the greatest singers of all time. Still, he’s put in countless hours, and he nails it with every performance.

There’s a third aspect to his impersonations, as well, one that really puts them ahead of anyone else. He has taken the time to learn all of the dance moves that made Jackson famous. That was a huge part of the original MJ’s work, and he didn’t want to ignore it. It’s so close that, when he dances and sings, people could swear they’re really watching Michael Jackson.