When Life Calls for Multiple Areas of Mastery

The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” doesn’t hold true for Jon Urbana. While Urbana is a very skilled player of lacrosse, and he has played for Denver’s major league lacrosse team, he’s a lot more than this too. After putting up some great stats as a Wildcat, he decided to capitalize on his success with lacrosse. He started a camp to help lacrosse players. However, he has more interests than simply lacrosse. He has also been a well known startup guru, pilot, and philanthropist. These things have been very major parts of his life, in addition to lacrosse.

Jon Urbana is extremely skilled with lacrosse. He has been playing for many years, and Urbana has lots of experience. While he was a major league lacrosse player, he was successful on the time. Nowadays, he is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver, Colorado. He has used a unique way of teaching lacrosse players with round the clock Twitter advice from his handle @jonurbana1. Other coaches at the camp also have been professional lacrosse players. This means that people at the camp are truly learning from the best.

In addition, Jon Urbana has a pilot’s license. In fact, the FAA sees him as a very competent pilot. He really enjoys flying a plane, and he does this quite a bit in his spare time. In addition, he has taken video from the air. If you are interested in seeing the view from his plane, you can check out some footage on vimeo.com. And there are also these YouTube videos.

In addition, Jon Urbana is a well known businessman. He has been very successful in the business world, and he has a high level of knowledge in how to run a business. This skill has helped him in his involvement in all of his ventures. In addition, it has helped him to successfully market and run the lacrosse camp.

However, he does not keep all of the wealth he has earned for himself. Jon Urbana is a well known charity supporter¬†at GoFundMe. This philanthropy has benefited the lives of many people. He intends to continue to be a philanthropist, so many more people’s lives will be touched by him in the future. Just look at what he was able to create on his recent trip, which he captured with a pic titled Earth Temple.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a skilled lacrosse player. However, he has done many other things with his life. He may be most known for lacrosse, but the other things he has done have also touched the lives of others.