Netflix to Bring the World a Full House Sequel

Netflix really does deserve credit for pushing ahead with new online streaming content. Netflix seriously wants to challenge the status quo of cable television. Through offering programming via online streaming, Netflix may be able to do just that. The programs the DVD/Blu-ray mail order provider have made as given a green light to make perfect sense. With all the popularity of superhero films, a Daredevil series is definitely a good choice, according to investors like Boraie Development LLC.

Who at Netflix thought a reboot of the old sitcom Full House is going to move the subscriber numbers. Yes, Netflix will offer up 13 episodes of the new adventures of the Tanners. The sequel, dubbed Fuller House, is a go project. Ironically, the news about this series started as an April Fool’s Day prank. It wasn’t a prank. A Full House reboot/sequel is a reality.

A few of the original cast members are returning as regulars. Star John Stamos has agreed to appear in cameos. Whether or not Bob Saget returns remains to be seen.

Why would Netflix produce such an odd reboot? For one, the kids who grew up watching the series are older now and are in positions to be consumers. Online streaming might be a little “too new” for them.