“Closer” Still Breaks Ground Years After Chainsmoker’s Release

The Chainsmokers 2016 hit-out-of-the-park, “Closer”, has just netted diamond certification. The single, which was last certified in March of 2017 at seven-times platinum, has made the jump to ten million units sold. For those at home it is ten times platinum, or as the RIAA likes to call it, diamond platinum. Platinum LPs represent an album or single selling over a million units. Every time the single, or album, nets another million it is awarded another platinum LP. It is a very bit deal in the music industry, and a coveted accomplishment among artists. Seeing as how all three artists are only about two years old in mainstream time, this is a huge accomplishment to have. Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, and Halsey all received plaques as well as a flood of kudos. The artists first revealed the news on Instagram via some posted photos.

“Closer” was first released back in 2016. 2016 is by far the most successful year for both the Chainsmokers and Halsey. For Halsey it was her breakout single and essentially made her career. For Pall and Taggart, it solidified them as artists, and forever separated them from typical EDM. The song was written by Taggart who also performed the lead vocals. The song is famous for its catchy beat and indefinite lyrics. It is the type of song that gets stuck in your head and stays there. The song does contain substance with an intriguing story underneath, but to fully understand what that story is takes some dissection.

Basically, it is the impromptu hook-up between a man and his ex after they accidentally bump into each other. It reveals the reasons for the break-up, the man’s drinking, and comments on their social status. According to Alex Pall the girl is from a rich family. It uses real-life instances to outline the central plot, which is mainstay of Chainsmoker songs. Pall and Taggart like to use their real lives as the framework of their music. Allows them to better connect to the audience. The song is a great mixture of the sound that made the Chainsmokers famous, the talent of Halsey, and the songwriting that set the duet apart.


Clay Hudson: A Music Mastermind

Clay Hudson is a sound engineer who initially worked many jobs through which he gained numerous valuable skills but ultimately decided to create his own firm when the last recession hit. His company is responsible for numerous services including the design and management of successful musicians, the experience for which he gained working on concert tours. Clay Hudson now helps the likes of Kid Rock (among others) to deliver the best possible show to their audiences, among almost all other logistical areas of concert tours (such as video deployment and equipment management).

Initially, when going out on his own, Clay Hudson began to focus on what he had witnessed work (and what he had witnessed not work) and his CAD skills to impress everyone with his new firm. Despite this he ended up sub-contracting for a company, when the client requested to cut out the middle man Clay agreed and was quickly sued. He writes this off as his biggest mistake in the business world and used that experience to ensure he always had a direct relationship with clients from the get-go (and even insists on cutting out the HR middle man in regards to clients.) Despite all of the people he’s worked with, Clay claims Lady Gaga to be his favorite performer due to the nature of her shows using practical and visual effects (she does go out of her way to create a spectacle!)

To finalize, Clay Hudson learned the right skills and took the right risks to make a name for himself in the Rock & Roll community. By being rigorous (even being known for measuring the tours equipment and the doors to every location) and staying three steps ahead he has been able to create a prosperous and well rounded company, and has grown it through his sheer hard work and ability to cut out the middleman and take a more personal approach to client relations. Clay Hudson has become maybe the first of his kind to provide a well rounded service to touring musicians with little hassle and a name that is synonymous with rigorous work and success.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make Great Music Together As The Chainsmokers

A manager of a band has a variety of responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to find a gig for the band, book a club or venue, produce music with a producer and so on. One of their responsibilities is to not find friends for the band or artists. When it came to Alex Pall, his manager knew that he would achieve great things but that it would be best done with someone else performing with him. That is when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had not been friends prior to their initial meet and greet. Andrew was making a name for himself in Maine and was attending school there. He had started out doing a few shows as a DJ but was nothing major unlike Alex Pall. Alex had spent much of his time living in NYC and because he was living there, he was able to make a name for himself. This name is what would help Andrew know who he was and what he was doing.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall setup a time and place to meet. When they met, it was like old friends coming together once again. There was nothing awkward about the meeting and they soon realized that their love of music is what would bond them to each other for years to come.



Soon after the pair had met, Andrew returned to Maine to quit his job and return back to the city to begin the life changing pace that took over once the pair started out releasing their own music. For artists or bands in the electronic mix genre, it can be difficult to enter into however at the time, the scene was hopping thanks to Avicii.

Before the Chainsmokers released music, they shared the same love for music. They knew that one day they would want to be on top of the world and since they shared this passion, it helped to bond the two together. Ever since that one weekend, the duo have been lucky enough to climb to the top and retain that position. Unlike most other artists, that have reached the number one spot only be knocked back down, they have been able to hold onto that spot for long periods of time.



Sergio Cortes: The Top Michael Jackson Impersonator in the World

Born in 1971, Sergio Cortes grew up listening to all of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits. He was there to watch the songs take over the airwaves in all sorts of ways; they played constantly on the radio, the dance moves and performances were everywhere on TV, and Michael Jackson was changing music culture the whole world over. Cortes ate up every bit of it, unable to get enough, and his love of MJ’s music really shaped the rest of his life. While Jackson had a lot of fans, few were bigger than Cortes, and he is now considered the top Michael Jackson impersonator in the world.

This is really a testament to how influential Jackson was, as Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain, thousands of miles away from where Michael Jackson first exploded onto the scene. Now, Cortes performs all over the place. He still is based out of his home town, but he’s also toured extensively in Brazil. One of the biggest shows that he ever put on – the one that really brought him to fame for his work – was in Madrid. That show was back in 2012, and the recognition that he’s gotten since it has been off the charts.

There are three sides to being a Michael Jackson impersonator, and Cortes has nailed all of them. The first side is physical. He looks so much like Jackson, with the slender build, the long black hair and the pale complexion, that it would be almost impossible to know who was who if they were standing next to one another.

The other side is the vocal work. While Cortes certainly plays up his appearance, he’s also fortunate to look similar to Jackson to begin with. The vocal work is another story, as it takes a ton of dedication to not just learn how to sing well, but to learn how to sing like one of the greatest singers of all time. Still, he’s put in countless hours, and he nails it with every performance.

There’s a third aspect to his impersonations, as well, one that really puts them ahead of anyone else. He has taken the time to learn all of the dance moves that made Jackson famous. That was a huge part of the original MJ’s work, and he didn’t want to ignore it. It’s so close that, when he dances and sings, people could swear they’re really watching Michael Jackson.

The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band

It may be only rock and roll, but when the Rolling Stones play it, we like it. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood began their 2015 ‘Zip Code’ concert tour with mighty ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ at Petco Park in San Diego. The Rolling Stones began their career in 1962 in London, and 53 years later are still satisfying their fans with a touring schedule that would make younger men weep.

As Jagger strutted across the stage belting out all the old favorites, San Diego’s Petco Park rocked, while Keith danced with Ronnie Wood; Charlie Watts was never better banging out “Sympathy for the Devil.” The world’s greatest rock and roll band even played a number voted on by fans. The band was dressed in matching blues and purples with Darryl Jones playing bass, Chuck Leavell on keyboard, Karl Denson and Tim Ries on sax. Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler sang back up vocals for the articulate Mick Jagger.