Drew Madden Establishes Strong Platforms for Medical Sector

Drew Madden is a prominent entrepreneur who works for the IT sector. He specializes in assisting health care practitioners in finding modern technology to use in hospitals. As a leader, he has ensured that he works with calibres that have professional training in company culture, client relationships and unique leadership skills. Drew has been in the industry for far too long to understand the vitality of coming up with important consulting structures.



Drew has vast experience in the field he deals with. He has mastered the culture of assisting leaders to become better at their professions. As a passionate leader who works for the medical industry under IT, he has been creating entrepreneurial networks for health and fitness measures. Drew was once employed by Nordic Consulting Partners. He served as the president for over four years. Between 2011 and 2016, he garnered vast experience as an entrepreneur. Drew Madden has been receiving positive feedback regarding his input in the health sector.

Leadership skills

At Nordic, Drew Madden managed to grow the business to a leading consulting firm. The firm was honoured in numerous aspects. In an interview, Drew has admitted that he is passionate about utilizing technology to better the health sector. He has been developing a platform for electronic systems that can be used to improve the health care system. Drew Madden has been optimizing modern technology to establish a strong platform for business. When he was working for Nordic, he expanded the company’s portfolio to a larger employee base.


Drew Madden continues to establish strong operating platforms for client partners. Before he joined Nordic, he worked for Ingenix. This is an affiliate of United Healthcare. Presently, the company is called OptumInsight. Madden has excelled in multiple platforms. He has been consistent in service delivery. Perhaps his academic credentials have played a key role in establishing string marketing platforms for business. The holder of a bachelor’s degree in medical systems and industrial engineering has been working hard to develop stable platforms for business. The alumnus of Iowa College has special concentration and expertise in developing helpful technology for health care.