The Innocent but Powerful Marketing Tactics of Doe Deere

At first glance Doe Deere looks like your average teenager. She is sweet and very bubbly. She seems like someone that might be a friend to your teenage daughter. This is the look that she presents that makes her someone that people can relate to. This is a good characteristic to possess. It lets people get a feel for who they are buying their products from. I personally think that this is genius. I don’t know how many times I have seen people trying to sell products that cannot even relate to the people that they are selling products to. This is insane. They could use pointers from Doe Deere because she knows who her fan base it, and that is who she is catering to. She has done quite well for herself, and her Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters is booming because she was smart about the marketing process.

I would say that she is one of those people that has been mysterious enough to be buzz worthy. It is like she has been able to tap into a source of female followers without having much of a television presence. She represents that new age of social media fame that lots of other older corporate heads are looking for. I think that I even discovered her through a tweet that someone sent. This is how she operates, and I have been impressed with her product line. Quality products and hot Internet buzz can take you very far. I know that she still has a long way to go, but I can see some great things in her future. I believe that she is going places, and people are going to see her move beyond the Internet.

This is what executives that are trying to market the products need. Many people that are in leadership roles do not look like they use the products they are promoting. No one wants to see a senior citizen trying to market products for the Gap. This is why many of these clothing stores are closing. There is no connection with the customer base. Doe Deere has played her cards right. She is in touch with the fans. She knows how to make people believe in her products because she is a fan of her own makeup. At least this is way that it appears. She is always marketing her own cosmetics, and that makes people take interest in it.

The best promoters aren’t talking about their products. The best promoters are using their products. No one wants to buy “Beats by Dre” headphones if you never see Dr. Dre with any on. The same thing goes for the Lime Crime makeup, and Doe Deer know that.