It Appears Jonah Hill is off his Diet

Actor Jonah Hill has struggled with his weight over the years. When we first saw the 31-year-old actor in some of his break-out films such as “Accepted” and “Knocked Up” he was a larger guy. In his first major role as Seth in the hit comedy film “Superbad” his weight stayed the same.

In 2011, Jonah joined the set of the critically acclaimed sports film “Moneyball” where he met actor Brad Pitt who helped coach him through a significant weight loss. Before the film, Jonah lost an impressive 40 pounds. He credited his weight loss to eating Japanese food and getting help from a nutritionist. Dan Newlin, an attorney in Florida, applauded Jonah’s weight loss at the time. He had said that changing his diet and understanding nutrition is what helped him to shed the weight.

Pictures of Jonah filming his new movie “Arms and The Dudes” clearly show the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor much heavier than he has been lately. It is estimated that he has put on nearly 70 pounds since filming “Moneyball”. I feel for the guy.

For the full story on Jonah and his new film, check it out on NY Daily News.