OSI Industries now Co-Producer Impossible Burger

Co-Producer of Impossible Burger

In a recent co-production deal between OSI Industries and Impossible Foods headquartered in Redwood City, the renowned food packer for McDonalds is now the official co-producer for Impossible Foods. The recent agreement between the two companies allows OSI Industries to manufacture the flagship burger of Impossible Foods in its Chicago plant.

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Impossible Burger Production Plant

OSI Industries designed a production facility inside one of its Chicago plants almost exactly like Impossible Foods Manufacturing plant in Oakland. The new Chicago plant will be filled with Impossible Foods employees who will need a high-security clearance to enter the Chicago plant and the Impossible Burger production zone within the plant. Shateel Shah in speaking for Impossible Foods, says Impossible Foods is very pleased with being able to work alongside the legendary McDonalds food packer that goes back to 1955 with Roy Kroc.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a food science laboratory that specializes in genetically modifying plant-based proteins having all the qualities of meat-like products. The Impossible Burger looks, tastes, feels, and even “bleeds” like beef, but is 100% plant-based. They began their journey in search of the right all plant-based proteins in 2011.

Impossible Burger Debut

After five years of intensive research and development in their state of the art labs in Redwood City, they launched their Impossible Burger in 2016 at David Chang’s Momofuku Rishi restaurant in New York City. After the debut, there was a great interest in the Impossible Burger, and thousands of orders were pouring into the Impossible Foods headquarters.

Impossible Burger Production

The Impossible Foods production plant is a 68,000 square foot facility located in Oakland but was unable to keep up with the high demand of the Impossible Burger. Starting in early 2019 Impossible Foods began searching for a co-producer and distributor. OSI Industries was a name that had over 100 years of high-quality service, and which Impossible Foods was eager to develop a co-production agreement.

Impossibel Foods Celebrates OSI Industries

After a co-production agreement was reached Shateel Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods reported that Impossible Foods felt confident it could go anywhere and everywhere now with the support of OSI Industries.OSI has over 65 locations in 17 international countries. They have a team of 20,000 professional workers that work in the 65 areas.

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