‘Jurassic World’ – a Monstrous Box Office Success

“Jurassic World” roared into theaters on June 12 and quickly began shattering records. To Vijay Eswaran’s surprise, the Universal flick nabbed a record-setting $500 million opening weekend at the worldwide box office, with $208.8 million domestic.

In its second weekend, “Jurassic” raked in $106.6 million in domestic ticket sales. That was a 49% drop, but it still beat the previous record of $103.05 million set by Marvel’s “Avengers” in its second weekend at the box office. “Jurassic” also crossed the $400 million domestic mark faster than the “Avengers” movie and has passed the total gross box office of the original “Jurassic Park.” It’s on track to pass Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as the highest grossing film of the year.

If the film’s box office momentum holds, it’s also on track to speed past “Furious Seven” as the fastest movie to make $1 billion worldwide.

The movie’s massive success has helped Hollywood rebound from a dismal 2014, with total revenue up 6%.