Oren Frank Points Out the Need for Attention to Mental Health

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank is a renowned personality in the mental health segment. Having started Talkspace as a remote therapy app in 2012, Frank has been able to help over 1 million people through the company’s behavioral therapy services. With registered psychotherapists being a few clicks away, Talkspace has made it easier than ever for people to reach out for help without having to physically visit a professional’s office.

That is why, when Oren Frank took the time to talk about the current state of mental health in the larger social setting and the improvements that still need to be made to help people optimally, it made for an important take coming from an experienced entity in the mental health segment.

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In a post that he shared over his LinkedIn account, Oren Frank noticed that during the past few years, the discussion regarding mental health has taken a noticeable shift. Those who had been shy of speaking about their mental illness are getting more support than before in order to speak up and reach out for help. But as anyone attached with the mental health segment would tell you, there is still a long way to go.

Oren Frank pointed out that while the overall perspective towards mental health is changing, it is still a space that’s filled with social stigma. Most of the times, people don’t talk about the issues they are facing because they fear of judgment from society. On the other hand, those who receive the support and feel like they can speak about their symptoms are often hurdled healthcare costs.

Keeping these points in mind, Oren Frank mentioned that in order to provide optimal treatment for mental illness, we need to work on breaking the stigma as well as obstructions in terms of finances.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20333655-oren-frank

How Does TalkSpace Help People Who Need A Therapist?

TalkSpace helps people who need a therapist by providing them with help that they need. The best part of this is that this is just an app that people can download at any time. These customers do not need to go to an office that is far away from home, and they can get in touch with their therapist even if they are traveling. This is something that is very easy to handle, and it helps people get back on the right track with regards to their mental health.

  1. How Does TalkSpace Help People Pair With Therapist’s?

TalkSpace helps people pair with a therapist so that they can get assistance. This is the process that happens when you sign up for the service. The app will ask you some questions about yourself, and you can be matched with a therapist who can help you with those specific things. Someone who would like to give you a good idea of how to manage their emotions.

  1. How Long Has TalkSpace Done This?

TalkSpace has been around for a couple years, and it is very simple for you to come up with a way to cope. You should consider how to cope, and you also need to know how you can get a therapist to talk to you at about the time that they can. This is something that you can easily manage, and you can turn to the app on your phone. Therapy is never closer than when you are using this company.

  1. Conclusion

There are a lot of people who would like to use TalkSpace because they have never gone to a therapist. You can get a lot of help from a therapist that you can talk to through the app, and this makes you feel much safer.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- A Day in the Life of a Tallahassee ER Doctor

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a well-known Tallahassee doctor who is dedicated to his line of work in the medical field. He specializes in emergency room care and is trained to access and treat patients who are dealing with a multitude of emergency issues. 

Dr. Forsthoefel was exposed to the medical world most of his life. However, he began his college career at Florida State University studying religion. It wasn’t until he was almost at the end of his college career that he decided to change his field of study. He switched to medicine and ended up graduating from the University of Louisville Medical School with a medical degree in emergency medicine. He completed his residency at Louisiana State University and then moved on to be an emergency doctor. Dr. Forsthoefel can treat men, women, and children suffering from a variety of medical issues, including cardiac distress, trauma, fractures, and more. 

Dr. Forsthoefel is quick to credit his success in the emergency room to the fact that he is very detail-oriented. He believes that this is the reason he is a very productive doctor. He enjoys working in the hectic and fast-paced atmosphere of the emergency room alongside colleagues who challenge him. He also believes that working with his colleagues is the best way to improve the workplace. Organization is another one of his strong points. Knowing what to expect in the ER and how to deal with it allows him to take care of his patients to the best of his ability. 

Dr. Forsthoefel isn’t just dedicated to the emergency work he performs on patients every day, even though that is a huge part of his life. He also enjoys barbequing when he relaxes at home, although he has stated that there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to his cooking skills. He also enjoys the book “The House of God,” written by Samuel Shem. The fictional book is about a group of medical interns who deal with real-life problems in a local hospital. He believes it is a must-read for anyone who is considering a life in the medical field.