Why a Great Online Reputation Matters

If you have ever done a Google search of someone, then you know how important it is to get accurate results. Otherwise, how would you tell who they really were? It is even more critical to have accurate results when you do a search of yourself.

Your Online Reputation Affects Your Career

The most important decisions about your career will probably be based on your online reputation. Before the internet, the most a person could probably learn about you was based on information found in the Yellow Pages. If you wanted to know more about a person’s reputation, you had to rely mainly on word of mouth. However, that has since changed. When a person meets you today, they mostly just want to confirm what they already know about you from online research.

What the Numbers Say

75% of HR departments usually do online research of all candidates before they hire them. The data also shows that about 70 percent of all employers have at one time rejected a candidate based on their online reputation. Besides that, about 85 percent of employers say that a good online reputation has informed their decision to hire someone.

For executive positions, the numbers are even higher. For instance, data shows that 90 percent of all executive recruiters will research a candidate online before they hire them. If they find positive information about them online, 82 percent of these recruiters say that it improves their chances of being hired.

The Numbers for social Media

According to recent data, 62 percent of all employers search for candidates on social media before they hire them. That number continues to grow steadily. Out of these, 46 percent reject a candidate based on inappropriate and provocative videos, photos, or badmouthing of previous employers and employees. Twenty-nine percent of them will also reject a candidate based on their poor communication skills on social media.