Reading is a Summer Getaway When You Own Your Own Books

During summer break students are often faced with unstructured time and limited choices to keep their reading skills sharp. The students at PS11 or the William T. Harris School in New York often fall into that category as do many others.


In spite of the summer reading programs at public libraries, there are many families that do not have access to them. This may be due to location or parental time issues. Buying books may be out of the budget for some. Studies show, however, that when children have their own books, and choose those books themselves, they will be more likely to read. Summer reading is essential to allow students to maintain their hard won skills. It is discouraging to take a summer off and lose a grade level or more due to lack of use.


Sandy Chin, mother of two, had a big goal. Her son is a student at PS11. Chin and other volunteers, held a book drive. The plan was to have enough free, used books donated to give every kindergarten student at least one book to have and read over the summer. The drive was a huge success, bringing in over 3,000 books at all reading levels. Every student in the school was able to select summer reading books of their own.


PS11, on New York’s West side is a diverse school, with families of all income levels. It has an active parent base that raises enough funds to provide students with school supplies each year. The summer book drive, headed up by Sandy Chin is another way to support families.


Sandy Chin has over twenty years in the financial sector, as a successful hedge fund manager. She now runs her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital. Sandy holds a BA in political science from Barnard College, Columbia University. Her MBA is from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Her love of books and reading she gained from her childhood.


Sandy Chin used her leadership skills to give back to her community and bring families together to appreciate reading and share with the students of PS11. Learn more about Chin on LinkedIn.













A Fashion Steal For Steelers Fans

Starting this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have introduced a bold, dramatic change to their entire team fashion line. Fans of the Steelers can now get their hands on team apparel that has been designed with the wearer in mind. Rather than just a handful of jerseys on a rack, Steelers fashionistas now have entire team oriented clothing lines to chose from. These lines are designed for all ages, genders, sizes, and styles in mind, allowing Steelers pride to run in the family. New additions to the apparel line include Pandora charms, labels like Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. Furthermore, color changes have resulted in more pinks, neon yellows, and metallic golds in order to distinguish the women’s clothing as well as add some flair to the previously drab palate. Other changes include rugged apparel for those who want to display their fandom at work, a move that will certain pander to those in the steel industry. Most popular however will be the option to buy the apparel that players are depicted wearing. These items are marked on the website with a sign that says “Wear What We Wear”. This total rework of fashion helps true Steelers fanatics to get closer to the action. This overhaul of Steelers apparel has been overseen by Susan McGalla, formerly of American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal Inc. The changes have not only been to the clothing, but also to the marketing strategies as well as branding. Simply put, it was not enough for McGalla to simply change the clothes, she desired to change the culture of sports based apparel. This shift, according to McGalla, has been a direct result of fan feedback. By utilizing social networking, McGalla is able to better determine, and thus provide, the apparel that fans want the most. A Pittsburgh resident, McGalla has been a driving force of success in the retail world for years, managing to become the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. After finding success with these brands, McGalla strives to bring her winning record to the famed success of the Steelers organization.