On The Move: Agera Financial Provides A Fresh Look at Energy

Formed in 2014, Agera Financial is involved with and is the parent company of Agera Energy. Agera Energy provides electricity and gas to a number of residential and business customers throughout a number of states. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

A few years ago, states began to deregulate gas, electricity, and in some cases, the telephone companies in their states. Not all utilities were affected in all states; some deregulated only electricity, for instance.

This deregulation provided competitive pricing for service such as energy and communications, and new industries were born. One of these was Agera Energy.

The company is different than most other companies. It works with the customers, showing them how to save money and use their energy more efficiently. They sometimes recommend and combination of different venues for the use of cooking, heating, and lighting, depending on whether gas is used along with the electricity for these purposes.

They realize that every client is different, and that their needs are different and can be fulled in more ways than was originally thought. They work with the clients, as well as for them. That is Agera Energy’s difference when compared with other companies.

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The CEO of Agera Financial is Geoff Duda. In August of last year, Mr. Duda announced that Mark Linzenbold would be taking the position of Chief Financial Officer for the company. This brings new blood into the company, along with Mr. Linzenbold’s experience is the field of providing energy to customers.

Not all state have deregulated energy, however. Those that have done so have a happier citizenry, since they are not dependent upon a monopoly to provide them with service, and they can “shop around” for what they need. Agera Energy is there to help provide those needs and work with their customers. Agera Energy is growing, and will grow more when more states deregulate their utility services. Read more about Agera Energy at crunchbase.com.