Why Activision Blizzard is Actively Looking for Partners in the Tech Industry

Today, various organizations have been looking for partnerships with other major organizations in the market. Activision Blizzard has been one of the leading entities in the market today that is aggressively looking for partnerships that can enable it to operate effectively in the gaming industry. In February of this year, Activision opened an Asia Pacific office in Hong Kong and […]

Growth of Business through Grants Assist

There are so many constraints in business, and capital is of necessity for both growth, innovation, and even marketing. The Australian government has potentially aided the entrepreneurs in small and large enterprises through Grants Assist. These are billions of money set aside to help the growing entrepreneurs, among others. After approval of an application, the funding can be gained sometimes […]

Payam Banazadeh and SAR’s Power Recognition

In the entire human history, technological forward progress has transformed the world astronomically. The progress is realized when investors innovate, advancing imaginative as well as novel technology uses that have been in use for some time. However, they may never have realized their full potential.  The procedure is quite influential, and Payam Banazadeh with his outstanding Capella Space’s involvement is […]