Improved Educational Accessibility through Success Academy

Success Academy was first established in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz with the primary goal of improving American education. The school’s operation and scope has expanded over time even beyond New York City. The launch of online platform is now expected to enhance learning process by offering access to teacher development strategies and curriculum across the city. Further, the program will be resourceful in helping students to learn reading, writing and math from several other schools apart from Success Academy.


Success Academy has a reputable record of making education accessible to low-income students. Further, the school has enhanced academic performance of such students. Winning the broad prize of $250,000 early this year is timely because it will boost the implementation of a digital platform meant to share resources mutually. Various educators have shown interest of the program with the core aim of improving the literacy levels of students particularly in humanities, science and math.


Moskowitz is exceptionally committed to expand the scope of Success Academy in terms of space and academic performance. In view of this, Success Academy has nationally been ranked among the top 5% of district schools. Surprisingly, Success Academy received over 17,000 applications for its 3,017 available slots during 2017/18 academic year.


Success Academy is among the largest charter school network with a total population of 14,000 students and over 40 schools. Success Academy charter schools are fully operated privately but funded publicly. The schools holistically play a crucial role in making education accessible to minority students.


Success Academy is a charter school aiming to enhance student literacy. Quality of education is also among other core motivations at Success Academy for all its pre-kindergarten programs. Finally, the school has successfully fought for its place and rights in fostering fair education as well as its accessibility to minority students.