Don Manifold Has had Senior Leadership Positions

Don Manifold is a well-known expert in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. He also helps with preparing expert reports and evaluations by independent experts. Since 2018, Don Manifold has served as Equity and Advisory’s joint managing director. Manifold has had senior leadership positions with various top professional service companies throughout the world during his 15 years in transaction advice. He has […]

Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis, CEO and creator of K4 Global in Bournemouth, is a Londoner. Many well-known and well-established members of the media have used his advisory services. By focusing on his current success, it’s easy to forget how far Ashford has gone in the business world. In his current management style, he cites his prior business experience as the primary […]

 Mahmoud Khattab Perspectives on the Development Changes That Boost Growth

Mr. Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of precision M.D in California, offering exceptional services to patients for over three decades. He attended Damascus University, the school of medicine in Syria, and graduated in 2003. After that, he attended Case Western Hospital in Cleveland to undertake his specialized medical training. His passion for helping sick people made him follow a career […]

Du Shuanghua on the Sale of Rhizao

Du Shuanghua is the chair of Rhizao Steel Holding Group, one of China’s largest private manufacturers. Rhizao Steel is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, which was established in 2003. Four years later, Rhizao Steel and Mount Gibson signed a fifteen-year contract with terms to purchase about 1.5 million tons of iron or from Gibson every year, […]