Martin Freeman Added to “Captain America: Civil War” Cast List

Despite the fact that the second phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will not be concluding until the release of “Ant-Man,” fans are already clamoring for details regarding Phase III, which begins with “Captain America: Civil War.” While many fans are debating which heroes will be returning and which will make their debut, such as Spider-Man and Black Panther, it’s already a foregone conclusion that several mundane humans characters will be added to the roster.

Notably, Martin Freeman has been added to the film’s roster, likely as one of those mundane humans. Head producer Kevin Feige has confirmed this announcement, though there is currently no information that explains what character Freeman will portray.

Freeman may very well assume the role of a character like Phil Coulson or Adam Sender, whose characters are without any previous ties to Marvel’s comics multiverse (InterviewMagazine).