From Truck Driver to Philanthropist: Perry Mandera’s Journey

Perry Mandera has lived a fascinating life up to this point, and he currently sits in a comfortable position. Not only has he achieved an incredibly high level of personal success, but he has also found a way to give back to the community and causes he believes in. For most, this sounds like an ideal scenario. After all, what more could one want than to experience success and make an impact? While Perry Mandera has taken a long road to get where he is today, the path he has taken is clear. Through hard work and perseverance, Mandera is now able to live the life that most can only dream of.

Shortly after finishing high school, Mandera decided to join the Marine Reserves. In the Marines, he found himself within the motor pool, and it was here that he first learned how to drive a truck. While Perry Mandera would later move on from the Marines after an honorable discharge, seeing the effects of his time within the military is easy. Clearly, his time in the motor pool sparked a passion between Mandera and transportation, as his next move was working in the transportation industry. Mandera both worked for many companies and eventually started his own, but his final move in the industry was The Custom Companies Inc. From a business perspective, this is Perry Mandera’s biggest accomplishment. To this day, Custom Companies Inc. serves a vast clientele, including both big and small companies. Through all of his work and achievements, Mandera was given the recognition of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association (

But despite his massive success in the realm of transportation, Mandera has more to his story. His charity efforts stretch wide, and he and his company have offered support to many different organizations. As a specific example, Perry Mandera, and his company, offered transportation and gave away thousands of winter coats to the Chicago area. Mandera grew up in Chicago, and seeing this level of passion for his home area is inspirational. However, Mandera always reaches beyond Chicago, and he actually provided great support to those who suffered from Hurricane Katrina. These are just a couple of examples, and Mandera and Custom Companies Inc. are always on the look out for ways to help out. There is no doubt that Perry Mandera uses his platform excellently, and his passion for both transportation and people has manifested in a truly spectacular way.