Evvy-Vaginal Microbiome Test & Care

Evvy-Vaginal Microbiome Test & Care Evvy is a small, handheld device that uses DNA sequencing to identify the types of bacteria and yeast living in the vagina. The device is simple to use—you insert it into the vagina for 30 seconds, and then SHL will send you a results report via email. There’s no need to schedule an appointment or […]

The Career of Dr Chris Brummer: A Look at His Positions, Areas of Expertise, and Trajectory

Did you know that Dr Chris Brummer is a Board Director at Fannie Mae? Or that he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Miami School of Law? How about his areas of expertise which include securities regulation, financial institutions, corporate governance, and international economic law? Dr Brummer has quite an impressive […]

Evvy is a New Company that is Shaking up How We Think About Vaginas and Vaginal Health

Evvy is a new company that is shaking up how we think about vaginas and vaginal health. The company was founded by three women passionate about empowering other women with knowledge about their bodies and health. Evvy’s mission is to provide accurate, science-based information about the vagina and its microbiome. The company’s website offers many resources, including articles, videos, and […]

 Why Activision Blizzard is Actively Looking for Partners in the Tech Industry

Today, various organizations have been looking for partnerships with other major organizations in the market. Activision Blizzard has been one of the leading entities in the market today that is aggressively looking for partnerships that can enable it to operate effectively in the gaming industry. In February of this year, Activision opened an Asia Pacific office in Hong Kong and […]

Luke Lazarus Consulting: Your Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Luke Lazarus majors in consultancy with executives and business-savvy individuals who want to build a start-up from scratch. It can be overwhelming when diving into the process. Even seasoned entrepreneurs often second guess themselves and have trouble finding help during these times of uncertainty. A career in consulting requires a blend of leadership and management skills. Also read: Luke Lazarus […]

Growth of Business through Grants Assist

There are so many constraints in business, and capital is of necessity for both growth, innovation, and even marketing. The Australian government has potentially aided the entrepreneurs in small and large enterprises through Grants Assist. These are billions of money set aside to help the growing entrepreneurs, among others. After approval of an application, the funding can be gained sometimes […]

A Distinguished Professor of Law – Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer is an experienced professor of law and has taught in various notable institutions such as Georgetown and Vanderbilt Law School. In addition, he has immense experience in the financial sector, where he has served in several positions for key financial committees across the country. Professor Chris Brummer has a remarkable academic background, having attended the University of […]