Success-oriented Traits for Accountants According to John Savignano

John Savignano is a successful New York business expert who has served as a CFO and controller in leading world firms. He owns a CPA firm, and shares his industry knowledge with CPAs and other industry specialists. He commits to educating people on matters of accounting. In this post, he shares the key traits accountants need to be successful in the demanding accounting industry.

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Be Open, Passionate and Detail-Oriented

John Savignano challenges accountants to look beyond numbers. He advises them to be friendly and make an effort to connect with the world. They must passionately commit to solving complex accounting arithmetic while not forgetting to create a network. To stay relevant, accountants must be extra-attentive to details. They should know and commit to meeting all tax structures, intricate laws, and compliance requirements. Accountants deal with data sheets, reporting schemes, and worksheets daily, so they need to know and love them.

Ethical and Truthful Teachers and Learners

The best accountants aren’t only good at doing complex accounting arithmetic but also teaching and explaining the accounting processes. They must be open to learning and implementing new and advanced accounting-related technologies and strategies. In everything an accountant does, they must be truthful and ethical. They must be confidential and reliable. Their passion and thought-leadership skills must be top-notch.

Good Communicators, Analytical Thinkers, and Creatives

The accounting industry requires passionate, analytical thinkers who have excellent communication skills. You should be a problem solver who thinks out of the box to bring high-value business ideas and solutions to reality. In addition, good accountants are creative and love the industry. They enjoy solving complex CPA-related challenges while using modern technologies to reinforce growth. According to John Savignano, any accountant who wants to stay relevant must know and use all the best CPA-related platforms and applications. Their verbal and written communication skills should as well be excellent.