Alfons Hörmann recap

Alfons Hörmann’s sports development solution

Alfons Hörmann is a Ph.D. in Sociology and the chairman of the German Football Federation. Since he was born, he has always been interested in sports and has always been a fan of football because it means so much to him and his country.

The German Football Federation has been the governing body for association football in Germany since 1900. With a population of 80 million and 44 million people playing football, it’s the most prominent sportive organization in Europe. Therefore the FSF wants to be as successful as possible, and as that is possible only through its members, Alfons Hörmann shares his vision of how German sports can thrive in the future.

He has won five national titles and seven German cups as a football player between 1966 and 1972 including being named European Footballer of the Year in 1972.

The current system of funding for the German Football Federation is a combination of individual companies; media, technology, and other companies have been sponsoring the Bundesliga and DFB in return for being displayed on club shirts and allowing marketing in stadiums. Recently there have been calls to reform the system as it comes under heavy scrutiny from many.

Alfons Hörmann believes the flaws are with clubs not being rewarded with enough money and is not lucrative enough for sponsors. Clubs have to strive to get new shirts sponsored, and in return, the clubs sell their players for big money without having a say in it. He believes that the clubs should receive more money from the DFB and sponsors so that German sports can grow as a whole and make sure that everyone is working together. He believes the federation should work with the league and sponsors, and the media to develop a new model that will improve things for everyone.

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