Reflecting on Frances F. Townsend's  leadership and achievements.

Frances F. Townsend is the chief executive vice president at Activision Blizzard, an international gaming and interactive company, where she has worked since December 2020 to date. Frances has served in different corporations and institutions, heading various departments, which has made her rise to every rank of leadership. She has served in government and other renowned top institutions in the united states.

Before joining Activision Blizzard, she served as vice chairman and chief administration officer at MacAndrews and Forbes, where she served for ten years. During her tenure at MacAndrews, she directed her energy in financial affairs, legal issues, and international business compliance. Furthermore, she dedicated herself to ensuring the smooth running and development of the MacAndrews portfolio business, which gave her exposure to management skills.

Frances F. Townsend has served as a corporate partner for four years. She, however, served as deputy national security advisor for one year. Under the leadership of George w. Bush, she served in the justice department for thirteen years. Due to her outstanding performance as a civil servant, she received awards and recognition for the accomplishments she made in the public service sector. This made her become renowned and established her in the public domain.

In five years, she served as director of a scientific games corporation and the western union company, gaining valuable experience in her management role at Activision Blizzard. She is, therefore, a helpful asset since she comes along with extensive knowledge and governance on public policies, regulatory experience, and a strong foundation on strategic planning. Furthermore, her leadership experience working with the U.S government adds more value to her as a director.

To date, Frances F. Townsend is a director of two different public companies where she serves in the executive committees. However, she serves in multiple private company boards as chairwoman of all compensation committees. Her engagement in these different sectors has made her a sought-after leader by renowned businesses and companies.

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