PosiGen is Looking for People Like You!

PosiGen, founded in 2011 by Francesca McNeil, is an energy generation company committed to the idea that everyone should have access to reliable, affordable power. At PosiGen, we work hard to make sure our communities are self-sustaining and well-protected against any natural or man-made disasters. To accomplish this mission, we need professionals like you!


PosiGen Is Looking For Self-Starters


At PosiGen, we’re dedicated to serving our communities and educating future generations about solar energy. We don’t just talk about a big game—we walk a big walk. Every employee at PosiGen takes their job seriously because we know that our actions today will determine tomorrow’s reality. Are you ready to join a team of self-starters? If so, please apply now! Click here to learn more (Yahoo).


Our Culture At PosiGen


We look for individuals who bring passion and energy to our team. We want people with grit and tenacity, not just smarts or knowledge. Our culture here at the solar power company relies on an open-door policy so that everyone has a voice in shaping our future projects. Everyone here at PosiGen helps one another, relying on one another’s strengths to accomplish important tasks—we’re all in it together! Finally, we thrive on collaboration, both with our clients and within our own office walls. If you’re tired of working in isolation or want to be part of a team that works together toward common goals every day, then join us!


Skills That PosiGen Values


  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Drive to succeed.
  • Commitment to your community.


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