New England Patriot’s Robert Kraft

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft, who Founded the Kraft Group, has an estimated net worth of over $6 billion. He has spent his entire career in various levels of football.

Kraft grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he attended public schools before graduating from Columbia University with a degree in business administration. Robert Kraft’s passion for sports developed when he was an owner-player at the age of 12 for the “Brookline Tigers” team, which played against other teams throughout New England.

After school, Kraft joined the family paper company, where he worked for three years before joining Wellington Associates as a salesman trainee in 1956. He left to work for Roy McHugh, who owned racehorses and had extensive theatres and restaurants.

New England Patriots, a team in the National Football’s league, whose home stadium is The Gillette Stadium, was founded by Kraft in 1960, and they have won more than 5 Super Bowls so far. Robert Kraft also has holdings at the Major league’s New England Revolution.

In a league that is influenced by politics heavily, it’s refreshing when someone who has been around as long can still make something happen. For years, Robert Kraft went out on his own without any help from anyone else even though he had money from his family business which helped fund some NFL teams back then (they’re now known as Pats). That resilience shows how dedicated this man feels to football. Many times, other owners would come begging him for financial assistance or advice but never gave anything until recently with an offer made public during Super Bowl week; thankfully enough, they didn’t need our hero’s precious metals anymore.

The Kraft family is a significant, influential group of people who have helped make the New England Patriots a successful and well-known institution they are today. Click here to learn more.


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