Miki Agrawal on Challenges and Rewards in Entrepreneurship

Miki Agrawal was born in Canada with a combination of different heritages in Japanese and India. Miki has a twin sister Radha, who shares her entrepreneurial skills. Miki Agrawal earned her Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications from Cornwell University in New York. After her graduation, Miki Agrawal started her career as a financial analyst to achieve what she desires in business. Agrawal played soccer for New York Magic and later stopped because of the injuries. Joining video production, Miki noticed the need for healthy meals and focused on opening a gluten-free eatery in New York to bring healthy pizza to people. The gluten-free restaurant has succeeded under partnership management.

Miki Agrawal established Thinx in 2008 with two partners, a line that designed women’s underwear to use during periods and other period products. The company donated some of its profit to making sustainable underwear for periods for Ugandan schoolgirls. Struggling with a health issue, Miki decided to switch to a bidet, a healthy way to clean oneself after using a toilet. The idea to redesign the American bathroom came, and Miki launched TUSHY, a company that provides bidet attachments that are easy to install a toilet.

TUSHY has been focusing on web-only sales with plans to expand to retail sales and reach more customers. Despite the difficulty in convincing customers to pick this new product for their toilets, the sales are improving, showing the company’s success. Miki Agrawal has established successful businesses and faced challenges along the way. According to Agrawal, self-care is an integral part of her life to balance business and life issues. Miki Agrawal is also an author and has received multiple awards and publications recognizing her impressive business success. Focused on change, Miki is a self-proclaimed disruptor whose goal is to impact the world with better things.