The rise of Peter Briger to Co-CEO

After completing his degree at Princeton University as part of the class of 86, Peter Briger would immediately start looking for opportunities that were best suited for his dream to join the world of finance. This opportunity would present itself as an entry-level employee at Goldman Sachs. The opportunity is just what he needed to learn more about finance and hopefully advance to the highest levels within this field. Peter Briger would learn quite a lot at Goldman especially after joining various committees and a time when the Asian market was rising so fast it was only natural for the bank to gravitate in that direction as they sought investment opportunities all over the globe. He would go on to lead the Japanese special investment fund which was dedicated to finding and investing in Japan during a time when it was experiencing phenomenal growth and was about to become the second-largest economy in the world. This level of exposure would teach Peter Briger a lot about the value of investing and networking. By 1996 he had become a partner at Goldman and was heading various other funds at the time. In 1998 a group of three partners came together and began the Fortress Investment Group. This was an asset management company that was focused on various investment vehicles as well as asset management. They had begun with around 400 million dollars and were growing well at the time managing to grow assets under management an impressive six-fold within the first five years. This rate of growth meant they attracted the attention of a lot of potential investors and at the same time, they realized internally that they needed to expand their investment options. This is where Peter Briger would come in. He joined the Fortress Investment Group and established the Credit division that was tasked with making credit-based investments as well as recommending other divisions on potential investment opportunities. His division would become one of the fastest-growing within the group, and as such, he joined the board of directors in 2006. This was no mean achievement for someone who had only been with the group for four years and more