David Azzato to England’s Entrepreneurs – Reassess your Motive

David Azzato talks about motivation. Motivation is a crucial factor in moving your entrepreneurship to your chosen result. Your motive needs to be reassessed with every significant challenge or obstacle.

How to Reassess and Move Forward toward your Goal

As you gain experience in your business, you may find it beneficial to redefine your motive. Does it line up with what you have learned about business? Is it the best practice to meet your goals? Are there better ways you can take? Focus on why this motive is essential.

Harness your Time

Time Management, not allowing yourself to get sidetracked by busywork. “The most crucial currency an entrepreneur has is time.” says David Azzato.

Harness your time and channel your ingenuity. Assess where you are spending your time. What is taking up the most time? Is it significant in meeting your motivation and, therefore, your goals? What needs more time? Is it essential to put more time into certain areas? Is your time being drained by non-essential tasks?

Entrepreneurs need to feel they are accomplishing something. Are these things important or just a way to meet the feeling of accomplishing something? Completing non-essential tasks leads to the busy trap. Are the jobs you are doing moving you toward your goal? Are you making progress?

Entrepreneurs find ways Around or Through each Obstacle

Entrepreneurs should view their circumstances realistically and honestly. At the same time, be optimistic. An optimist looks for how things can be done or accomplished. They find ways around or through each obstacle. Obstacles are not a roadblock but an opportunity to use your creativity to move around them.

Be Innovative, Challenge the Norms, Make Changes

View your job as an adventure. Keep being excited about the opportunities ahead. Be innovative, challenge the norms, bring in the novelty, discover new ways to meet your goals.

David Azzato says to radically change one thing. When you start, you have to learn and adapt. You make changes, not knowing what would work and what would not. Take a risk. Delegate important tasks to someone else. They feel challenged to rise to the occasion. This builds teamwork and a spirit of cooperation.


Spend your time with optimistic, dedicated, encouraging people. Find mentors who can offer insight, guidance, and encouragement.

An entrepreneur is an innovator, a seeker. Once you finish a project or determine it is not viable, chart a new course.

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