Why ClassDojo is Encouraging Kids to Read and Tell Stories

Kids love stories, and that is why most of them are always scrabbling into the library floor so that they can pick the books they will be reading during summer. It such a long period that it may end up boring and can easily lead kids into other unnecessary activities that do not add any value to the life of an individual. This is something that ClassDojo seems to understand, and it has already incorporated it in its operations.

ClassDojo is of the view that stories are fundamental in keeping the kids engaging in learning while at home. Obviously, reading other materials might not be very encouraging. There are very many technical terms that such individuals need to understand as this is the only way they can easily succeed in their operations. Technical books are not always fun to read among kids, which explains why having storybooks at home is the best strategy.

Unfortunately, ClassDojo has learned that most of the parents have been doing everything possible to make sure that they are selecting the books that their kids will be reading. This is something that creates a perception of total control and that most of the kids do not enjoy such situations. In fact, data has consistently shown that most of the kids are always happy when they are given an opportunity to select their own storybooks.

This does not mean that parents and guardians should not be involved. It is very important for them to make sure that they are highly involved in the entire process as this is something that can help them to make some major differences in their operations. ClassDojo indicates that those who get the guidance of their parents find the entire story reading and telling experience worthwhile. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that parents are highly involved as needed.

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