Min-Liang Tan Pushes for Environmentally-Friendly Initiatives at Razer

Razer is a gaming gear firm based in Singapore headed by its founder, Min-Liang Tan. The company has set aside $50 million to support eco-friendly startups. It has focused on small businesses in the tech industry. The Razer Green Fund was established one month after the company issued a statement on environmental awareness. Across its operations, the firm has remained devoted to conserving the environment. Razer has picked up various projects that rely on carbon-neutral as well as renewable energy. With time, the company has continued to encourage gamers to contribute to eco-friendly causes worldwide. Abishur Prakash, an author on politics and technology from Toronto, believes that Asian tech firms are changing into international stakeholders.

That means these businesses are starting to rethink their contributions to the world. In particular, they are considering their sustainability approaches and climate change. Taking these actions attracts particular demographics such as millennials, and Gen Z. These demographics are concerned about the environment and sustainability. Sean Su, the Taiwan-based independent tech analyst, agreed that millennials are concerned about these issues. Since these pursuits are likely to earn money, Sean Su encourages entrepreneurs to explore these ventures. E-corporations have a higher growth rate than regular businesses as people feel better about transacting with them. Most recently, the company registered revenue worth $1.2 billion, which was an increase attributed to the significant number of gamers at home during the lockdown period.

A Brief History

The first investment for Razer Green Fund is a sustainable consumer goods business, The Nurturing Co. Based in Singapore, The Nurturing Co. is famous for its eco-friendly paper packaging for toilet paper. Aside from its capital investment in The Nurturing Co., the gaming company will utilize Bambooloo in a few offices. These include its office in Malaysia and the upcoming headquarters in Southeast Asia.

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