Summer Road Trip Safety According to Michigan-based Peter Vitale

Staying on top of the latest safety news and keeping yourself up to date on the current road conditions is essential to driving safely and confidently, noted Peter Vitale (Michigan). Avoid driving in construction. Construction is a problem for commutes and road trips alike. Many highways will undergo construction and slowdowns during the summer, so keep that in mind when you plan your route.

If you have to drive through a construction zone, make sure to allow plenty of extra time and pay attention to signs about the situation. Most crashes are caused by driver error, Peter Vitale says. During the summer, distracted driving, fast driving, and fast lane changing are more likely to occur. Most crashes happen on poorly marked, congested, dark roads at night.

The Michigan insurance pro, Peter Vitale, advises people to avoid driving at night on poor-visibility days. The last thing you expect is being caught in a storm while driving on roads where visibility is minimal. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that driving in a car is, for the most part, still a relatively safe form of transportation. However, there are some precautions that everyone can take to ensure that their travels are as stress-free as possible.

The story of Peter Vitale from Michigan is one that really can inspire all motorists to make smarter and safer decisions behind the wheel, even in the summertime. As an experienced driver, he clearly understands the dangers of driving during inclement weather and doesn’t see that they should be around. The Michigan resident understands that people tend to focus on essential details of life, such as their job and the road, so he doesn’t want to detract from them with his own. It is a great story that reminds us that we need to be as smart as we can be when we’re behind the wheel of our cars.

Many car enthusiasts might wonder what a “summer road trip” is or if one exists at all. Summer road trips are made up of a series of longer trips, typically over one week or more in length. And while they may not necessarily take place in the summer months, such a trip could be made in the winter months for the sake of convenience.