A Review Of JD.COM’s CEO, Richard Liu

Richard Liu is also known as Liu Qiangdong. He is the founder of and current CEO of JD.com. He has also served as the company’s chairman since founding it. Richard was born in a rural village in China to a humble background. However, his commitment and integrity have seen him grow his business into the multi-million enterprise it is today.

The company has been able to grow from a mere stall into one of the largest retail companies in the country with a record $82.9 billion annual revenue with an estimated net worth of about $12.7billion. Despite his current financial status, Liu Qiangdong has continued to show humility, receiving recognition from popular magazines such as Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s Greatest Leaders.

Richard Liu and his team are currently focused on various projects surrounding technology, specifically AI, drones, and big data. All these ventures are aimed at bringing a new front to how e-commerce can be conducted while maintaining consumer trust and loyalty.

Having built a successful business in e-commerce, Richard Liu has received numerous recognition both from his team at JD.com and within the Chinese e-commerce sector. In 2011 he was awarded the 201 China Economic Person of the Year Award by CCTV, china’s leading television network. Within the same year, he was also named the 2011 Chinese Business Leader.

Among the 2020 billionaires, Qiangdong has been ranked #165 by the world-famous magazine Forbes and is also ranked #40 in China’s top richest individuals. Despite his rankings, Liu has continued to remain humble. It is this trait that fortune magazine pointed out that Liu has a ‘little corporate ego and few of the trappings of a famous CEO.’

Liu has received numerous invites to some of the world’s leading economic forums to speak on the e-commerce sector and even share his story as means to inspire other budding entrepreneurs. Despite a packed schedule, Liu has continued to spare at least one day of the year to work as a delivery person for his company. Click here to learn more.


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