Ashley Lightspeed: Business Careers are Attractive because they Involve Interacting with Other People

Ashley Lightspeed indicates that working in the world of business is something that excites her much than she thinks she would have been excited if she worked in another industry. There are various aspects that make her to like business activities as compared to other careers that people have to choose. However, it is important to remember that Ashley was originally prepared to have a career in architectural but changed to business.

According to Ashley, working in business environment is very interesting because it is a people-centered industry. You cannot work alone in the business but you have to include other people in your operations. It is the behavior of human beings to interact with one another that makes business careers interesting. For example, a company cannot succeed without formulating a single team that will be responsible for strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. You have to work as a single unit failure to which you will not succeed. See Related Article at

According to Ashley Lightspeed, team members for a central aspect of the business and individual success, which means that the most successful individuals would not have succeeded without the input of their team members. This makes Ashley to appreciate all the members of the organization because they help her to sharpen her business skills. Team members are not only there to give their own opinion about a particular project but they also correct a leader when he/she makes a mistake.

Ashley Lightspeed continues to highlight that interactions in business don’t only end in the office but they also continue outside. Business leaders interact with experts from other sectors where they share skills, knowledge, and experience relating to relevant factors. It is also important to record that a company has to interact with its customers so that it can determine what they want. Businesses that don’t interact with their customers are likely to lose them.

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Oren Frank: Creating Talkspace for People Who Need to Talk to Therapists

Oren Frank is an Israeli entrepreneur and software developer who moved to the United States in search of a better opportunity. He is best known as the man behind the creation of Talkspace, a popular communications app used by millions of people around the world. Before setting up his career as the CEO of Talkspace, he used to work for a software development firm, and this is where he practiced his skills in becoming a programmer. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

The problems that he and his wife are experiencing led to the creation of Talkspace. Oren Frank stated that the app he made saved their marriage, and he is happy that his wife is still with him. When he was being threatened with a divorce, Oren Frank decided to create an app that would allow him to speak with a remote therapist through a handheld device. The end result was remarkable, and the advice provided by the therapist that he spoke with worked perfectly. Oren Frank realized that the world needs to know the app that he made, and he later decided to make it online. The app became an instant hit, and it was used initially by different people who wanted to have a decent communications platform.

However, as more therapists are being included to serve Talkspace, the use of the platform as a messaging app for two or more private individuals have shifted to patients calling their therapists to find out what they can advise about their condition. By serving as the CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank was also given an avenue where he can air out his ideas on how the company should grow further.

As Talkspace grew, Oren Frank and his team decided to expand the compatibility of the app and included more services than before. The number of therapists who have signed up to become an official therapist of Talkspace has breached the 1,000 marks, and they are serving half a million people who wanted to have access to professional therapists. The two people on the end of the line using the application will be given unlimited credit for sending messages. They can also share media that would make their communication with the therapists livelier, and it keeps on getting better as the CEO of Talkspace is speaking with other tech giants to upgrade his services.

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Steve Lesnard’s Strategy to Successful Product Marketing Techniques

The age of social media and technology is here. For companies to maximize on their customer engagement strategies, they must be willing to employ technological aid. Steve Lesnard understands that the digital age has changed how products are launched and marketed for. Steve Lesnard is an expert at customer and product marketing.

The first principle to keep in mind s to be as realistic as possible when marketing a specific product. Customers like a brand which knows exactly what they want. This involves the audience they are trying to reach and grow and how best to make the marketing strategy a personal experience for the customer. Do a simple yet effective presentation which covers what the product is, how it performs and a potential buyer should be interested in the product. Videos leave a good impression on the viewers. These factors are key consideration the client keeps in mind when looking at your product. The main point is to conceptualize your idea in a way a customer will be willing to buy the item.

The second principle is keeping your presentation simple, yet memorable. You would not want to have an advert which contains so many concepts that your ideas get lost in translation. Focus on the relevant features you had for your device during the making of the product. This will give you a clear framework of where you are headed. Apple once did a campaign on their iPod, whose concept was 10k songs in your pocket. This idea is simple, it defines what the product is designed for. Secondly, t leaves the customer with an impression of how it performs. Customers were definitely thrilled with the recommendation of having 10k songs in a small device four use, on the go.

Companies are gaining for technological supremacy. Competition is stiffer than ever. Your marketing strategy needs to define your brand and what you stand for. Partnering up or hiring influence rs right for the job facilitate the success of your product launch and marketing. Customers do not always buy what they need, they buy what you sell them. Your marketing strategy can either win them over or keep them disinterested. Steve Lesnard has used these guiding principles for the success of a product marketing campaign.

How to Adjustment Your News Release Circulation Plans & Enhance Your Public Relations

A media release is not any longer just utilized to spread the information about your new offering or fresh stories. Now, it is not only seen in the email inbox.


Press releases today get to the influencers, social networking users and viewers. In this electronic age, it is essential to contemplate press release distribution approaches to quickly achieve your PR objectives.


  • Include multimedia.


Nowadays, it is essential for releases to possess multimedia, like pictures, video or infographics. Content using multimedia have more trends to be shared and read.


It appeals to the viewers that boost the possibility that they’ll engage with your brand. It promotes dialogue and even your earnings possible.


When you compose a press release distribution, make sure that you include the proper multimedia. If your content is syndicated in various social networking stations, it generates more traction with your viewers. Visuals should be smooth, eye-catching and convey a powerful message about your brand.


It ought to make your narrative clearer as it verifies your narrative. Optimize the picture or movie you are using on your release so it could be seen on Google searches.


  • Ensure your launch an expansion of your site.


Your site is your space where all of your brand assets ought to be found.

How are you going to be sure your brand info reaches your viewers? It will become useless if your viewers don’t find where to find details about your brand.

Distributing your releases into various stations make sure you achieve new audiences.


  • Showcase your thought direction.


Clients and investors are not only going to put their cash into a new without understanding their capacities.

Write about your position on a problematic subject which affects your manufacturer, write a case study and examine your findings, or perform a survey and write a release concerning the outcomes. These are techniques that could present your experience in your business.


When you provide solutions to some long-time difficulty, or you educate folks, it boosts your direction. It offers you an advantage over the competition.


  • Tease the crowd.


A release ought to be written more than 500 words. It should comprise essential facts which are critical in your narrative.


It shouldn’t be more than readers do not have any attention to see your website or make a purchase. A successful launch must tease more.


Be sure you write a very clear and powerful CTA that can make them wish to act. Make an effect by adding an intriguing CTA to make your viewers want to understand it longer.


  • Leverage on cooperation.


Partnering and cooperating with different brands, ventures and personalities are techniques to use your common resources to reach both your objectives.


Joining your brand together with other people figures and brands helps you to expand your audience and reach. Composing relevant content that evolves improve your opportunity to bring in more prospective clients.


It is crucial that you correct your media release distribution and writing to think of content that is effective. Releases aren’t just for the press, but they are currently read by plenty of viewers, investors as well as your competitors.


Always enhance your plans, mainly writing and distributing releases. This guarantees it is going to reach audiences to attain your objectives.


Oren Frank Highlights that Collaboration is a Key Recipe in the Success of a Relationship

According to 2012 statistics, there are more than 7.8 million couples in the United States that are living together unmarried. The trends indicate that this number is increasing as time passes. There is an agreement that society has changed from a more religious and conservative marriage to a more practical one. However, Oren Frank, the co-founder of Talkspace, an online platform that connects people with mental health challenges to professional therapists indicates that this trend has caused mental problems to increase across the country.

However, Oren Frank indicates that cohabiting couples can come up with some strategies that will help them to live without occasional fights. According to Oren Frank, one of the most standout and useful methods of living in a good relationship is collaborating. Oren indicates that he had to collaborate with his wife to save their marriage. All healthy relationships survive because there is an essence of collaboration that is respected by all the members. Check out to read full interview of Oren Frank

If you do not respect and collaborate with your partner, there is no doubt she will look for somebody else to collaborate with. Besides moving out of wedlock, there is a possibility that mental health issues will emerge as a family start conflicting regularly. To avoid such challenges, working together most of the times to handle various family duties will result in a good family. Collaboration helps to minimize anger and anxiety, which are major issues in mental health.

Oren Frank continues to highlight that individuals should make sure that they get advice from friends and family members with a grain of salt. It is important to note that no two relationships can be the same. This means that you should not try to copy what your friend has done for him/her to succeed in her cohabiting relationship.

The founder of Talkspace continues to record that being autonomous is one of the recipes of a successful marriage. A considerable number of people are dealing with extreme family challenges after trying to generalize family problems and experiences. It is important to record that every family is autonomous and only specific strategies can be used in addressing the challenges facing the family. Read more:

James Dondero Can Help You Financially

Imagine that you are a corporation and that you want to go ahead and raise funding for a new venture. You believe that the venture will be amazing and that it will bring in great returns, you even think that you will be able to take your company to the next level with these returns but you also know that it will not be easy, you know that you will have to clean up your balance sheet and make sure that you are presentable. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Why do you want to make yourself presentable?

Well, you want to make sure that you don’t have to pay a higher rate to raise funds, you know that the riskier you seem to be, the more that you have to pay to your credit holders, to minimize this outcome, you take steps to minimize the costs of the issuance of the debt.

You really want to do this project and you know that you can do it well, all you have to do is just take the right steps to be as presentable as possible.


You want to fall in the AAA, AA, A bucket.

So what do you do? You look at your current business model and you look at your financial statements, you look to see if you have the ability to do well if the market goes south, you can tell this in a more easy manner, the numbers in your financial statements shouldn’t lie. You want to check and see how sensitive your financials are to changes in the market.

Then you look at how you can fine-tune your operations to trim down your liabilities and shore up on your assets.

James Dondero Does the Analysis

James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management does the work for you, all you have to do is allocate your capital, and keep up with James Dondero and his team. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

What Ashley Lightspeed Does With ‘Prototyping’ Business Startups

There are so many businesses that change the world when entrepreneurs’ ideas find the light of day and offer solutions that nobody else has been able to formulate. But sometimes those ideas need a little retooling of their own in order to work out longer and build a more sustainable business model. That’s why Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Venture Partners works with new business owners in building their business plan, and then uses data and tests to get an idea of how it would work in the real world. Certainly not everything that’s simulated can work out exactly the way it was tested, but Ashley has quite a background of understanding how prototyping can work.

Ashley Lightspeed didn’t see herself in venture capital investing when she first started school at Duke University. She initially wanted to be an architect like her father who she would watch sketch building structures and formulate blueprints, and she would discover building a business to be somewhat similar. She didn’t actually go directly into business startups but instead found consulting to be an attractive career beginning. So Ashley brought the knowledge she had gained in certain business planning and procedures to Bain & Company for several years. Read more on

Ashley Lightspeed delved deeper into business planning and development when she joined the team at Thumbtack and managed their wedding events services, and this part of her career had her exploring more on starting a business plus venture capital. She then went on to graduate school and became familiar with Lightspeed Venture Partners and how many new disruptive businesses were receiving investments and eventually going public at the firm. She was only happy to join the team when it was announced new positions were open in the consumer investing division, and since then she’s brought a lot of valuable input to her colleagues and entrepreneurs.

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Jana Will Guide Entrepreneurs to The Promised Land

Many entrepreneurs may think that they know it all, the fact is that some of them really do know it all. But other entrepreneurs may need to have venture partners like Jana lightspeed to get them where they need to go. Jana lightspeed venture partner has seen what it takes to grow a company, she has seen what type of people grow companies and the various things that they have to go through on a regular basis. As such, she continues to strive and help those who she advises strive as well.

Here a few things entrepreneurs should know before they go down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship.

Always Have Something You Can Offer To The Market

The fact of the matter is that it is not about you and your ideas. It is about you and how you can fit into the market. Stated in a more plain manner, it is about you and how you can make a difference in the lives of your customers. The only thing that matters is your relevance to your customers and then how many customers you can bring on over time.

The first part matters because that is how you build a business, always serve the market and serve a base of customers. The second part matters because that is how you become a successful venture backed company, have the ability to continue to grow your customer base, capture more revenues and improve your gross margins to capture more dollars and profits.

There is also a third point in this piece of advice. The third point is to have a hard skill that you can bring to the market at an early stage. Let’s say that you want to jump into entrepreneurship full time, let’s also say that you have a current job.

What do you have to do? Well, since you are not able to replicate and share consciousness with a second entity that is also you, you must go ahead and generate revenues on your own while you have a full time job to support yourself.

What is the best way to do this?

Have a skill set that the marketplace would appreciate. This skillset will vary for each individual. A hard skill set like graphic design, or web development, or mobile programming is something that is certain to be appreciated by the market.


On The Move: Agera Financial Provides A Fresh Look at Energy

Formed in 2014, Agera Financial is involved with and is the parent company of Agera Energy. Agera Energy provides electricity and gas to a number of residential and business customers throughout a number of states. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

A few years ago, states began to deregulate gas, electricity, and in some cases, the telephone companies in their states. Not all utilities were affected in all states; some deregulated only electricity, for instance.

This deregulation provided competitive pricing for service such as energy and communications, and new industries were born. One of these was Agera Energy.

The company is different than most other companies. It works with the customers, showing them how to save money and use their energy more efficiently. They sometimes recommend and combination of different venues for the use of cooking, heating, and lighting, depending on whether gas is used along with the electricity for these purposes.

They realize that every client is different, and that their needs are different and can be fulled in more ways than was originally thought. They work with the clients, as well as for them. That is Agera Energy’s difference when compared with other companies.


The CEO of Agera Financial is Geoff Duda. In August of last year, Mr. Duda announced that Mark Linzenbold would be taking the position of Chief Financial Officer for the company. This brings new blood into the company, along with Mr. Linzenbold’s experience is the field of providing energy to customers.

Not all state have deregulated energy, however. Those that have done so have a happier citizenry, since they are not dependent upon a monopoly to provide them with service, and they can “shop around” for what they need. Agera Energy is there to help provide those needs and work with their customers. Agera Energy is growing, and will grow more when more states deregulate their utility services. Read more about Agera Energy at