Talkspace: They Will Truly Go Out Of Their Way

Talkspace is a company that goes out of its way for its clients because they know they are suffering from mental illness. A lot of people are suffering from mental illness in silence because they either don’t know what it is or they don’t know how people are going to react to them if they tell them. They want an understanding group of people around them that will lift them up, support them, and be there for them, no matter what. Talkspace goes out of their way all of the time and they never take a day off from helping people with mental health issues.

They know they have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and it is not something they take lightly. It is something they are proud to carry with them and they want to make all of their clients happy. They know that people have the chance to go a therapist in an office, but they feel they offer something different with their app. Between the video chats, the phone calls, and text messages, they offer a variety of ways for someone to get help with stress, anxiety, or depression. It can come in many forms and there are many names for it.

Over at Talkspace, they have 1,000 highly trained and highly professional people that want to help out those in need. They know a lot of times these people do not have the money to go to a high-priced therapist. They take it upon themselves to offer something different and something more than what someone might get from the usual therapist. They like to be a little bit different, as they know it is going to separate them from the pack and allow them to leave a lasting impression on their clients for a long time.

How Jason Hope has supported the development of Anti-Aging Treatments

Jason Hope is a revered businessman who has established successful technology-based companies. He is acknowledged for his significant contributions towards philanthropic missions. Hope is renowned for being a major benefactor of the SENS Research Foundation. He funded the establishment of a SENS laboratory in Cambridge to focus on the production of AGE breakers. SENS is determined to develop unique products that can be used in mitigating the impact of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) on the human body. AGEs lead to eventual loss skin and blood vessel elasticity if they are let to accumulate in the human body.

Hope is a visionary who is committed to improving lives of people across the globe. He has currently invested a lot of money in research that addresses aging and other related diseases. Most professionals in the medical field have treated aging symptoms but have not done sufficient research in the area. This has slowed down the development of anti-aging products. According to Jason, the research work that he supports at SENS will significantly address aging problems. The businessman has used his resources and influence to ensure that field gets enough attention.

A few years ago, Hope donated $500,000 to facilitate the undertakings of the SENS Foundation. SENS is a nonprofit organization and has been researching the development of different types of rejuvenating cures for age-related conditions. The primary diseases that the institution has focused on include diabetes, lung diseases, and heart disease. Apart from offering sponsorship to anti-aging studies, Hope has been speaking publicly on the SENS Foundation’s success in innovative biotechnology advancements. According to him, the organization’s research is not meant to make people live forever, but it offers them an opportunity to enjoy being younger than their age. SENS has an excellent approach that involves the development of treatments for various illnesses that destroy body systems hence making people old. It has dedicated itself to discovering ways such diseases can be prevented.

Hope’s contribution to the SENS Foundation has enabled it to accomplish a lot. Startups that focus on the development of new technologies have problems accessing either public or private funding. The major source of income of such enterprises is the people who love the outstanding work that they do. It would have been very difficult for SENS to grow without support from Jason Hope. The philanthropist has facilitated many other projects that focus on bettering human life.

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