Richard Blair Offering Sound Wealth and Investment Solutions to People Based in Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions provides top services and advice that assists clients to grow, manage and protect their assets. Richard Blair provides clients with a resourceful adviser and partner as he is highly qualified and experienced with a number of certifications to show like RICP, CES, CFS and CAS. Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) based in Austin, Texas.

Wealth Solution’s Financial Planning Process

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has a belief that every person ought to have a solid plan that will allow them to follow all their set financial goals. Blair aims to arm the community in Austin, Texas by offering his clients with retirement planning and wealth management services. The firm follows a three pillar approach that is comprehensive in nature. This assists the firm to discover the financial situation of its clients and their retirement needs. It also makes it easier for the coming up with a customized holistic plan for every client.

Pillar 1

This first pillar assists a client to lay out their own financial roadmap. This identifies their goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. It is through understanding the point where a client is that makes it easier to make a great financial roadmap to be followed.

Pillar 2

It is concerned with developing a strategy for the long-term to meet the client’s investment needs. It is customized to a client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. Richard manages and reallocates the assets to ensure the client’s portfolio performs at a maximum as long as there is a suitable market, and reduce the client investment impact when the market suffers negative periods.

Pillar 3

After the ascertainment of a client’s goals and establishment of strategies to ensure they are achieved, Richard goes ahead to meet the insurance needs. This will include life insurance, long-term care and annuities.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is Wealth Solution’s founder. He founded it in order to bring a significant and positive difference in the lives of individuals, families and small business owners. He is drawn to education as he experienced teaching firsthand. His mother, wife, and grandmother were teachers and it is through it that he saw the power associated with teaching in growing an individual’s self-assurance and knowledge.

Blair combined the experience with the natural gift for finance he possesses after realizing that he could help a number of people in financial planning and investments. He started off in the financial services industry upon graduating from college in 1993. Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 to offer objective and unbiased advice.

Status Labs: Reputation Management Like No Other

In today’s fast-paced electronic age, there is only one company with the ingenuity to protect and repair people’s reputation with the same speed and awareness that it takes to download information. That company is Status Labs. Created by two brilliant people, Darius Fisher, who is the current President and CEO, and Jeff Boskoff, Status Labs is staffed by public relations experts who are adept at sensing the pulse and emerging needs of the current high-tech generation.

Founded as recently as 2011, the company is serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide. Their clients are top-notch. It includes corporations as big as Unilever and Verizon.

No existing firm provides the same computerized assistance when it comes digital reputation management. With offices in Austin, Texas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York, New York, Status Labs has been favorably featured by reputable British and American newspapers such as The Observer, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and US News and World Report.

Employing the service of Status Labs is like having an army of public relations people at your disposal. Think about how the print media, radio and television have been surpassed by the rapid power of the Internet to spread and disseminate information around the world. These days, all someone (and that someone could be your future boss, customer and backer) has to do is use Google to find out the latest news about anyone or anything in particular. Organizations, artists and public figures need a way to handle and control information about them. Damaging reputation leads to setbacks such as loss of profit, contract, funding or employment. Status Labs’ digital marketing the only company poised to prevent this.

If you are a celebrity, you will benefit greatly from the advice of these savvy people. Take advantage of their current and free promotional facelift to celebrities. Their website at contains information on how to get in touch with them.

Status Labs will do many good things for you. You can expect them to always keep with your online presence. This means that the first Google search results about you are always positive and complimentary. Their search optimization experts will drive traffic to sites that make you look good. Status Labs will guarantee that your online presence, which is valuable to your success will present you in the best light. You will also be notified every month about the progress of their work with your image.

The company will tailor favorable information about you and move all negative information to the end of any Google search. Doing business with Status Labs is tantamount to having your own public relations office. They will manage your social media information 24/7. Without Status Labs, you would have to create your own department just to handle the overwhelming number of social media.

Status Labs also offers advice when it comes to financial changes and other marketing campaigns. Contact them, you have nothing to lose. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more.

Getting Ready to Use Securus

Securus is changing the world for a lot of prison families around the country. Keeping in touch with their loved ones was once a very difficult chore that involved them having to make a trip to the local prison just to be able to see that person face to face. This is been a massive issue for so many individuals and it is finally time that a service and system came into place that allowed them to have greater control over the communication in their lives.


This particular system is known as Securus and it is currently being used by thousands of prison families all over the country with great success. What has also helped to this amazing company is the multi-state campaign that they launched that is enabling more and more families to learn about the system itself and the different types of video system options that they have available. Video visitation can easily be done from your own house even if you just have a computer or laptop that you can download a software program to and begin using right away.


It is a wonderful time for you to consider benefiting from this option and the fact that it can easily change your life for the better. My own experience using Securus is a great one and it is why I always tell people about the system when they are trying to keep in better touch with their loved ones who are miles away from their home. Be sure to consider this if you have a loved one or friend in prison and you know that you need to have better communication with that person but cannot necessarily do this by visiting the prison itself because it is simply no where near located to where your home is at the current moment.


Sources :

Securus Technologies


Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Gives Back To The Community Through Philanthropy

Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has developed a reputation as an astute business person and as one of the country’s foremost philanthropists. Lefkofsky reportedly has a net worth of approximately $1.6 billion. He built his fortune by starting and managing numerous businesses. Most recently he has served as the Chairman of the Board of Groupon, as the founder and CEO of Tempus, a company which hopes to use data to cure cancer by assisting physicians in providing personalized cancer treatment, and as founder and managing director of Lightbank, a venture capital firm specializing in disruptive technology businesses. Rather than spend his riches, Lefkofsky has decided to put much of it back into the community through his philanthropy endeavors.


The Lefkofsky Family Foundation:


In 2006 Lefkofsky and his wife Liz formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation as the primary vehicle for their charitable giving. Through the foundation, the Lefkofskys support charitable endeavors in the areas of education, the arts, medical research, and human rights.


The Foundation has donated millions to over 50 organizations. The Lefkofskys are noted for their donations to disadvantaged schools, before and after school programs, and programs that promote innovative education. The Foundation has also been a strong supporter of efforts to cure cancer and other diseases. They have also donated millions to local Chicago arts and cultural groups.


Some of the groups the Foundation have supported include:


The Giving Pledge:

  • Comer Children’s Hospital;
  • American Brain Tumor Association;
  • NorthShore University Health System;
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center;
  • Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital;
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center;
  • Chicago Institute of Art;
  • Citizen Schools;
  • After School Matters;
  • Planned Parenthood;
  • Academy for Urban School Leadership; and
  • Several Chicago theater groups.



The Lefkofskys have also shown their life-long commitment to philanthropy by signing The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is an effort founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 2010. The program hopes to gain commitments from the world’s wealthiest to donate the majority of their net worth to charitable endeavors. In 2013 the Lefkofskys signed the pledge and committed to donate over half of their wealth to charity.


Community Involvement:


Lefkofsky ( has not limited his charitable endeavors to just donating money. He has also committed considerable time and energy to personally working for charitable organizations. He has volunteered his time for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Steppenwolf Theater Company. Lefkofsky was also a key player in Chicago’s efforts to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Cotemar Rigs and Vessel Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that was established in the year 1979. At first, the institution was one of the service company in the competitive energy industry. However, the organization has grown significantly, and it is currently one of the leading offshore service producers in the gas and oil industries. Cotemar offers its high-quality services to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil and other gas operations in Mexico.

Over the years, Cotemar has established itself in the market as a company that offers its services in two distinct lines: catering and accommodation, specialized vessels in the famous Campeche Bay. The Mexican company was the first to acquire the specialized dive, personnel transportation, and maintenance vessels.

In the year 1996, the institution decided that it was time to expand its presence in the market. The managing team did several consultations, and they chose to strengthen the presence of the institution by offering transportation services. At first, Cotemar would transport personnel and materials, and later on, they would provide accommodation and catering, construction and maintenance. This would be done on five rigs and three specialized vessels.

After several years, Cotemar decided to take its operations to a higher level. They achieved this by starting the construction of two special semi-submersible rigs with the help of COSCO. These would serve as the specialized maintenance and crane vessels that would transport solid and liquid materials that had been added to the fleet. By doing this, the organization managed to win the hearts of many clients and people in business who needed the essential services.

On the customized vessels and rigs operated by the Mexican company, there are accommodation and catering services that are out of this world. Some of the excellent services provided in the vessels include cleaning of the common area, nourishment, laundry facilities and bedding services in all the cabin spaces available.

The individual accommodation vessels from Cotemar are believed to have extraordinary cabins for two or four people. There are some recreational facilities in these vessels too. Some of these include gyms, cinemas, TV rooms, a well-kept basketball court and many other activities.

On all the rigs and vessels that are operated by the company, there is an in-house capacity to offer accommodation and catering services to more than four thousand individuals. The visitors and guests in the facility do not have to worry about the food provided because Cotemar follows the highest standards of health and quality control. This means that the food is safe.

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Luxurious Wen by Chaz Products are Priced for the Average Woman

What woman doesn’t want healthy, luxurious hair without having to go to the hair salon every week to get it? The women of today want an easy, care-free, but wholesome care for their hair. California hair stylist Chaz Dean understands this, and he has developed an entire system of high-quality hair products to make your hair look fabulous. And, often times, in as soon as one week!

Chaz created his line of phenomenal hair care, using all natural ingredients, like pomegranate and lavender, at reasonable prices. Chaz began experimenting with different ingredients to create his first products in his salon in Hollywood. Chaz graduated from cosmetology school in L.A., and he began his hair stylist career in an upscale salon in Bel Air as manager.

After building an impressive list of celebrities as clients, he purchased the salon. To make the salon more convenient for his clients, he moved his Chaz Dean Salon to Hollywood, and his affluent and notable clients were happy to have the oasis that Chaz provided for them away from the paparazzi and media that they were so accustomed to. He offered a secluded and intimate atmosphere in his salon, so they could relax.

Chaz founded Wen by Chaz for the average woman, his products reflect his Zen-like personality. Using Chaz Dean Salon as a base, he created his Sephora endorsed original 5-in-1 formula that eliminated the need for extra shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners; it was all in one. By using natural ingredients, he stopped the damage the chemicals and sulfates have on most hair.

Artificial ingredients break and destroy the hair shaft while the natural products in the Wen by Chaz line are designed to build and strengthen the hair. After just two weeks of using Wen by Chaz products, your hair will be visibly silky and shiny, like the celebrity clients of Chaz’s, but at a fraction of the cost.

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