The Pet Food Industry Introduces High-Quality Pet Food Into The Market.

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States currently is the pet food industry. This industry currently stands at a worth of over $23 billion. The industry has had some new entries over the past few years that have been game changing. The new firms have introduced new technology in the industry and have majored in production in high-quality pet foods; one of such industries that have among the best high-quality pet food in the market is Beneful.

Purinastore Beneful is a firm that specializes in the production of high-quality dog and cat food. Beneful has a wide variety of high-quality products. They offer their clients pet foods that are made with high-end technology and contain a wide variety of nutrients that keep pets healthy. They have among other products wet foods. One if their tastiest wet food is a kibble made up fresh chicken and turkey. Their range of wet foods products is made of fresh ingredients only. The preservatives used in this products are healthy for consumption by your pet. This firm has also come up with a model that ensures that their wet food products do not stay for a long time on the shelves. This makes sure that their products rich your pet while they are still fresh and tasty.

Beneful pet food products are subjected to a quality testing before they are released to the market. They also have products that are grain free and help your pet lose any excess weight. Beneful is also known for their cheap products. They always have been pushing for affordable products since they joined the pet food industry. Their affordable quality products have been one of their best market advantages over their competitors. As time goes by, Beneful is hoping to expand their business and take the world stage. They are also hopeful that that will be able to offer more variety and quality to their customers of freeze products.

As the pet food industry continues to grow, more innovations and better products are expected to hit the market. Who will not enjoy seeing their pet happy and Healthy?




iFunding Blends Crowdsourcing Innovation with the Real Estate Market

iFunding is a real estate investment marketplace that brings crowdsourced investors to real estate operators in need of capital. Investors in the iFunding marketplace will have access to a range of real estate projects through a secure web platform. If the real estate investment sees an increase in value, investors cash in.

Those who register with iFunding will find it allows for investments of as little as $5,000 dollars toward family homes, multi-family units, commercial property, and office buildings. iFunding’s experts oversee the investment from beginning to end to balance both profit returns and security risk. In addition to allowing small-time investors bet on real estate, the platform provides an excellent means for non-traditional capital acquisition for its real estate operators.

All money invested goes into iFunding’s Single Purpose Vehicle LLC which serves as the investment vehicle for each real estate transaction. Investors can expect competitive returns, higher tangible asset value, a hedge against inflation, and a great means of portfolio diversification. With iFunding, many investors have access to investments they might not otherwise ever have an opportunity to invest in. The company is bringing new opportunities to small and medium retail investors.

CrunchBase shows iFunding boasts over 30 years worth of investment experience and expertise. Anyone who is new to the world of real estate investment can feel at ease having iFunding’s team of professionals as investment partners to monitor and manage the invested capital. As an indication of its success, to date iFunding has underwritten more than $2 billion in real estate investments. This track record is the reason iFunding’s investors trust it to do everything it can to minimize the risk of its investments while not losing out on profit potential.  With the new hires MarketWired reported, it’s clear iFunding is looking to keep expanding throughout the future.

William Skelley is the founder and CEO of iFunding. He is an expert in alternative funding who has emerged as one of the foremost innovators in the use of crowdsourcing technology. He introduced the concept known as accredited crowdsourcing. Accredited crowdsourcing allows accredited investors to combine relatively small sums of capital to invest in large-scale initiatives they otherwise would not have the resources to invest in.

Prior to starting iFunding, Mr. Skelley held positions at Bain Capital, Olympus, General Electric, and Rose Park Advisors. His bold new approach to real estate investing has made his company renowned among both real estate investors and crowdsourcing enthusiasts. Mr. Skelley is a frequent speaker at crowdsourcing and real estate industry events.  Skelley runs the iFunding Twitter as well, where you can keep informed on what the brand does next.

George Soros Foresees Another Global Market Collapse Brewing!

Years after world economies collapsed, liberal Democrat supporter George Soros compares today’s chaotic financial markets to that of 2008. While this troubling reality worries him, the multi-billionaire hasn’t lost hope. The news giant Politico is among the mass media outlets trending George Soros pledge of $6 million. He’s among crusaders endorsing Hillary Clinton for president this election. Hillary’s campaign funded by her “super PAC” campaign which has reached $25.3 million in just 6 months, a news pieced published by The Hill revealed. It added that this tally included George Soros December contribution of $6 million which accounted for about 25% of donations. Economists have kept a keen eye on George Soros reluctance to dole out money heavily to support politics. His unsuccessful efforts to bring down former president George W. Bush after investing over $20 million into the elections 12 years ago is an unabating reality that haunts him.
Ever since this colossal failure in 2004, George Soros withdrew his generosity, limiting political endorsements to a conservative $1 million. In 2012, he endorsed then-President Barack Obama with a $1 million pledge to Priorities USA Action. The latest on him endorsing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with such a generous contribution comes at no surprise. The records indicate that he’s long favored Clinton and in light of her giving him audience to share his insights on policies cemented his decision. CNN Politics online further covered the highlighted Democrat party progress thus far. It details that funds raised by individualized campaigns Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who have capped significant amounts. Last year, Clinton brought in $112 million and Sanders $73 million.

George Soros according to, encourages caution investing as today’s chronic global markets aren’t far from chaos. In 2008, he predicted a similar scenario which sadly became a reality. Apparently, China’s struggles are skin deep as it buffers to implement a promising growth model to stave off currency devaluation. Today China steers in a similar direction and if it doesn’t change course, it’ll trigger economic depression. George Soros keeps a keen watch of these economic trends. Additionally, he’s largely cautious with his investment decisions avoiding any penalties and unproductive stocks.

Soros Fund Management chairman and founder, George Soros remains a top contender on Forbes billionaires list. The Budapest-native majored in economics in London and later because a serial investment fund manager before moving to the U.S. Additionally, he established the philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations promoting human rights in 100+ countries. His passion for giving started some 35+ years ago when he sponsored Cape Town University black students. Additionally, George Soros philanthropic groups commit over $835 million in promoting different humanitarian projects. He uses his blog outreach and Open Society to share meaningful commentary with readers. A best-seller of 14 books that chronicles his best business and investment strategies has aided millions. Additionally, George Soros has written pieces on matters of economics, politics, open societies, globalization, and philanthropy.

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Zambia: An African Nation in Great Economic Turmoil

The nation of Zambia is currently in an economic crisis. The country had experienced outstanding financial growth that began as early as 2000. During the late 90s certain Chinese companies began to invest heavily in Zambia. These organizations saw the potential for great profits in the nation’s copper minds. About 160 Chinese companies had tied themselves into Zambia’s economy. As of 2016 many are now pulling out.

The problem that is wreaking havoc on Zambia’s weakening economy has to do with China’s troubles. The nation of China is on a financial slope that is going downward. Many business and political insiders are stating that China is going to start another global recession later in 2016. They believe this because the nation is having trouble keeping their economy in line.

Fewer countries are demanding less goods from China and the country’s currency is over valued. The robust manufacturing districts in China are not as powerful as they once were in the recent past. A lot of people are losing jobs and trade is slowing down. China has the world’s second best economy outside of the US. Many countries from across the globe depend on this nation as a trade partner. As a matter of fact, China is the world’s number one trader of goods. Now that China is experiencing problems, so are other states such as Zambia.

The nation of Zambia relied on China for 70% of its exports through copper. Now that China no longer has a need for this material; Zambia is hurting bad. Miners are at the forefront of this economic downturn since they were the primary workers responsible for Zambia’s wealth since the early 2000s. In 2005 many Zambia workers were living comfortably. By 2010 a great deal of them were considered some of the wealthiest people within their country.

As a matter of fact, Zambi in 2010 was the place to be. In the big cities such as the capital Lusaka and Kitwe, there were malls, private schools and infrastructure being constructed in different communities. Thousands of jobs came into existence as the result of the copper trade with China. Zambian’s everywhere were prospering.

They were buying up western styled televisions, refrigerators and autos to show off their wealth. Miners and other highly paid workers were sending their children to universities to get a good education. Life in Zambia in 2010 was no different than how people lived within a first world western country.

Unfortunately, many people though this trend would last. Zambia’s current economic situation in 2016 is dire. The nation does not know how it is going to manage its debt since its greatest outside investor (China) is shutting down many of the mines and heading back home. Zambia’s leaders are optimistic about finding a practical resolution to this problem. People can get a better understanding of Zambia’s economic crises by reading the article Mining Collapse Cripples Africa’s Dreams of Prosperity.
Madison Street Capital is an investment company that makes ventures into foreign lands. They know how critical is to another nation’s economy to maintain sound investments that will last for many years. This organization works hard with venture capitalists to ensure that they are creating the best outcomes for their portfolio. Madison Street Capital knows it is not good business to see a foreign investment go into demise and they work hard to keep this situation from happening.

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Growth In The Premium Dog Food Industry


Analysts and experts are still skeptical about the premium dog food industry. The Daily Herald covered some interesting changes in the industry in a recent article. The analysts say that it will be difficult for companies to create a profitable product when the raw materials, or ingredients, are so expensive. As proof of this, they used a newer premium pet food producer, Freshpet, as an example. Over the course of 2015, Freshpet lost 50 percent of its value and over half of the remaining value is held by people who are actually betting against it. However, the brand’s CEO explains that 2016 will be the year that Freshpet turns a profit. The CEO says that consumers want this and that there is no one else filling the need.

And Freshpet is not alone. There are many companies that are well known and moving toward more nutritious dog food options. Some of the larger companies are bringing out food specifically for dogs that are aging or dogs that are over weight. There are also dog foods with game meat in it. There are some that are grain free or certified organic. The variety of nutritious dog food is growing. Many newer companies are coming onto the scene and some are succeeding while others are being bought out by large companies.

Beneful is one brand that has been a strong supporter of nutritious options for dogs for over a decade. Beneful prides itself on the quality of food that it provides to its consumers. The food is pack with the freshest ingredients because Beneful mandates that all suppliers follow stringent guidelines from the preparation and planting phase to the harvesting and delivering phase. Beneful also tracks each ingredient so that it can keep all of the food as fresh and safe as possible. The company is also known for ensuring the food safety by having more than 30 thousand quality checks in a single 24 hour period. They have also received certifications from both the US Food and Drug Administration and the USDA.